Fast, even faster! How to optimize loading speed for WooCommerce stores?
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Fast, even faster! How to optimize loading speed for WooCommerce stores?

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Getting visitors to your online store doesn’t mean much if they click on it, wait several seconds, and then leave. This can hurt both your organic search ranking and your conversion rate, which will in turn harm your profits. Fortunately, you can do something about this by using the following SEO for WooCommerce sites to optimize loading speed on your site so that users stay engaged and don’t bail as soon as they see it load up.

Tips to get your site faster

Use fast servers

If you’re using a shared server, consider upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server. These types of servers are faster and will provide your store with the resources it needs to run smoothly. 

Keep only active plugins

One of the main reasons your WooCommerce site might be loading slowly is because of all the plugins you have installed and activated. While plugins are great for adding extra features to your store, they can also bog down your site if you have too many of them. So, take a look at your plugins and deactivate any that you’re not using. 

Properly configure database tables

One way to optimize loading speed for a WooCommerce store is by properly configuring the database tables. This can be done by ensuring that the correct indexes are in place and that the table structure is optimized for performance. 

Install a CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers that deliver webpages and other Web-based content to users based on their geographic locations. By installing a CDN, you can significantly improve the loading speed of your online store.

Minify CSS, JS, and HTML

To minify CSS, JS, and HTML files, you can use a plugin like Autoptimize. Once installed, go to Settings > Autoptimize and select the options you want to enable. For CSS, we recommend enabling the Optimize CSS Code option. For JS, we recommend enabling the Optimize JavaScript Code option. And for HTML, we recommend enabling the Optimize HTML Code option.

How can I check my speed score?

There are a few ways to check the loading speed of your WooCommerce store. One way is to use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool will analyze your website and give you a score from 0-100, with 100 being the fastest. Another way to check your loading speed is to use Pingdom’s Website Speed Test tool. This tool will show you how long it takes for your website to load, as well as what elements are taking the longest to load. Also, do not forget about basic web metrics that you can check in your Google Search Console and Google Analytics panel.

However the most important is content

Speed is extremely important, but it will be useless if you don’t have quality content. Focus on your blog posts and share articles that are relevant to your niche with other bloggers. The more information you can provide your readers with, the more likely they are to come back and shop from your store again. If you have a highly developed website and you lack time and hands to work, it is worth establishing cooperation with a qualified agency. SEO copywriting will help you maintain the quality of the content and its frequency, and will also optimize it for algorithms and web robots.

In conclusion

If you want to ensure that your WooCommerce store is running as efficiently as possible, follow the tips above. By improving your site’s loading speed, you can create a better user experience and improve your chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages. WooCommerce is not just an e-commerce platform – it’s a content management system with many uses outside of online retail. 


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