What is effective positioning?
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What is effective positioning?

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Nowadays, sales conducted in stationary outlets are losing popularity in favor of online sales, on top of which even local businesses still operating only in stationary locations are using services like local SEO marketing. This is happening for several reasons. The first of them is a very large possibility of development. Online business is not subject to regionalization, so it gives unlimited room for expansion. Another advantage is a very low investment value, because the entrepreneur does not have to pay additional employees for direct service or rent premises. There are many more advantages, but the disadvantage is high competition. One of the few tools to combat the low popularity of the online store is effective positioning, which involves improving the position of the selected website against others in Google search results. Moreover, positioning is already almost everywhere, Netherlands SEO? Of course. Polish SEO? Absolutely. America is the very cradle of SEO, so mentioning agencies like Phoenix SEO agency is as redundant as it is obvious. 

What influences the effectiveness of SEO agency actions?

SEO positioning is one of the most complicated processes necessary in modern marketing and this also applies to local SEO marketing. Fresh websites without proper SEO background usually end up at the bottom of search results and thus remain basically invisible to the internet user, who usually browses only the first 2-3 pages of results. Positioning aims to achieve a much higher position of the website, so that more potentially interested customers can visit it.

According to the webmaster of Phoenix SEO agency – the process of positioning always starts with an initial and very detailed analysis of the chosen website in terms of its current state. This process, known in the community as SEO audit, is aimed at highlighting all the advantages and disadvantages of the selected website and the possibility of its adaptation to Google’s algorithm. It is also essential for creating a customized campaign and follow-up strategy.

The next activities in SEO are on-site work, which is done directly on the selected site, and off-site work, which in turn is done on third-party sites. On-site activities include modifying and repairing source code, creating header hierarchies, saturating text with key phrases, or giving images proper alt attributes. As a link builder from the Netherlands SEO agency points out – in the case of off-site activities we are mainly dealing with acquiring links leading to a selected website.

Investment in SEO pays off

For many entrepreneurs the most important question is how much does positioning cost, including comprehensive implementation of all activities included in positioning. Asked market analyst from Phoenix SEO agency says that giving answer is not easy. Costs of positioning depend on the chosen agency and its position in the market, number of successful companies and presence in the media. An entrepreneur certainly has to reckon with higher costs in the case of large agencies, and lower in the case of start-up agencies that do not have a positive history. Netherlands SEO agency, for example, boasts of cost-effective local SEO marketing, as they primarily focus on local businesses. To end the thread, it is important to note the great importance of the scope of work to be done and the level of complexity involved. In any case, SEO is cost-effective, can be afforded, and is a viable opportunity in today’s marketplace.

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  • Peter Sopeworth 22.07.2022

    From my own experience, I know that an effective search engine optimization is one that costs you a fortune and allows you to see results within the next three months. I had different experiences with search engine optimization, as the owner of 5 websites, one worked better, the other worse and so on and so forth until I found a good partner who seems to have handled my sites. Search engine optimization, foremost, is something necessary nowadays, and it is not easy for beginners. My advice is to be patient and carefully vet the people/companies you are going to work with.

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