Practical gadgets and accessories for motorcyclists
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Practical gadgets and accessories for motorcyclists

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Riding a motorcycle is not only a way of getting around, but also a lifestyle. Their owners are truly obsessed with their motorcycles. It is good to make sure that it looks great on the road or at a convention of other enthusiasts. What is worth taking with you on a motorcycle trip? There is no shortage of gadgets for motorcyclists on the market, but what will you actually need on the road? We advise!

Iron-on badges and patches

T-shirt iron -on badges and patches are useful for fans of… Really anything! Do you want to show others that you’re a fan of a certain band? Whether you listen to such classics of foreign music as AC/DC, Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath, or you prefer Polish music – you will find something for yourself in the huge offer of online stores. Patches or embroideries are a great way to express yourself. There are really many possibilities and they do not limit you either in shape or in the place where you want to put them. In stores such as you can find patterns which you can sew onto your jacket or vest. Iron-on designs are perfect for T-shirts, when the huge number of designs available on the Internet is not enough for you or you want to prepare something special, for example, for other motorcycle enthusiasts in your area. Just upload the desired design and wait for your order, which will be delivered to you by courier.


Your jacket or vest looks great and you feel like a real biker. But what about your motorcycle? Decorating our vehicles is another great way to stand out in the crowd at a rally and show off yourself. Tankpads come in all sorts of designs and colors. Gold, black, navy blue – everyone can easily find something that suits him and his motorcycle. It is worth mentioning that tankpads are also a great way to protect the tank from scratches. A good store with motorcycle accessories (such as offers special wipes together with the sold tank pads, thanks to which the tank will be degreased and the glue from the sticker will stick better.

Goggles and glasses

Let the first one to cast a stone who, riding a motorcycle, has not cursed the cursed wind. Fighting with air resistance while riding is a great feeling, allowing you to feel powerful… As long as it does not significantly interfere with our riding. Then the motorcyclist’s best friend becomes goggles or glasses. On the market there are:

  • models with interchangeable lenses;
  • models with mirrored polycarbonate lenses for scratch protection;
  • models with sun protection that can be worn over spectacles;
  • models with UV filters that protect against UV radiation;
  • models with side ventilation to prevent fogging;
  • and much more.

Kidney belts

The undeniable advantage of a good gadget – including a gadget for a motorcyclist – is its practicality. Of course, not every item we buy for our vehicle has to serve a purpose, but it is undoubtedly a plus. A great example of such an accessory are kidney belts. This category includes belts, which can store small items, but also such belts, which protect the lower part of the back from getting cold. In stores with gadgets for motorcyclists you can find excellent quality thermoactive belts of proven brands, made of breathable and at the same time waterproof materials. Such belts protect against both wind and cold, maintaining the optimal temperature of the lower back. Protection of kidney area is very important – overheating of kidneys is a common phenomenon, which is connected with serious consequences. Often when riding a motorcycle, it is worth keeping this in mind. It is also worth paying attention to kidney belts, which are made of reinforced materials. Their manufacturers ensure that, in addition to fulfilling the thermal function, they also protect against injuries. Another type of kidney belt is a belt for connecting a jacket with pants. Many jacket manufacturers offer a special belt for their models, which, with the help of a zipper, will connect the jacket to your favorite jeans, thus protecting the lower area of your back.


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