Film or painting of the vehicle? Which solution is better?
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Film or painting of the vehicle? Which solution is better?

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When we want to change the look of our car, we often wonder what solution to apply. Is it better to cover it with a special foil, or maybe to paint it? Both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wrapping with foil

Wrapping the car body with a special foil is a solution used more and more often. Depending on the type of foil used, it can last from 3 to even 10 years on our vehicle. This solution is recommended mainly for people who are bored with the color of their car, but it is possible that in the future they will want to come back to it. Removing the veneer is a much easier solution than repainting the car. The foils that we can use are both those used to change the color, as well as colorless, protecting the paint from damage. Some of them are matte, others will give the vehicle a pearl shine, and still others will make it shimmer depending on the angle of incidence of the light. The film does a great job of protecting the vehicle from mechanical damage that may be visible on the car body

Proper preparation is extremely important before wrapping. Thorough washing, and most of all degreasing and polishing are the basic steps before starting the work. If we skip these steps, the foil could peel off very quickly and obtaining the desired effect would be impossible. It is worth knowing that before applying the foil, individual car parts are often disassembled. The foil, which is applied to each of those parts, comes in one piece and is only cut to the desired shape. This is done in order to avoid visible connections of several pieces of foil on one element of the car body. The cost of wrapping a car depends on many factors, mainly on the size of the vehicle and the type of foil used. It usually ranges from 3 to 6 thousand PLN


In order to proceed to painting the car body, it is necessary to prepare it properly beforehand. First of all, the car should be thoroughly washed and rid of all dirt, dust and corrosion, if any. It is also important to smooth out dents or fill mechanical damages. Before applying the proper layer of paint, the car body should also be degreased. After these steps, using a special gun and compressor we apply successive layers of paint. As the last coat we often use a clear coat which additionally protects our vehicle. If we decide to paint, we have to take into account that it is more expensive, but also more durable solution

Well placed varnish may stay on our vehicle even for a dozen or so years! Varnishing a vehicle is often able to last much longer on our car than foil used for wrapping. However, this usually makes the process more expensive. As in the case of wrapping, it depends on many factors, such as the size of the vehicle or the type of paint mixture used. As far as the costs are concerned, we have to prepare ourselves for an expenditure ranging from 5 to even 15 thousand zlotys. So when is it best to choose this way of changing vehicle color? First of all, when we want to change a color for one that will accompany us for years and if we are determined to drive our vehicle for a long time. We can also choose this option if we want to sell our car but before that we want to increase its value and take care of the proper condition of the car body.


Regardless of what kind of car color change we choose, we must remember to leave our vehicle in the care of a specialist. It is good to know in advance about the workshop where we are going to give our car. It is best if it is a reputable bet, which already has at least a few dozen satisfied customers. We must also take into account that during the changes that our vehicle will undergo, we will not be able to use it. The time it takes to wrap a car is usually 3-4 days, and the painting time can take up to two weeks.

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