Increasing engine power without chiptuning – find out how
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Increasing engine power without chiptuning – find out how

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Drivers have always been looking for different ways to improve the performance of their cars. They often choose chiptuning, but it is not the only way to increase the power of the engine.

Chiptuning in practice

One of the options for tuning the car is chiptuning, which is electronic tuning of the engine controller. Its task is to improve the overall engine parameters by changing the software dedicated to this device. It is possible here to use ready-made programs or bet on a slightly more expensive variant of optimizing engine performance based on detailed measurements.

Where does a lot of interest in chip tuning come from? It takes advantage of the fact that engines are designed with a large margin, which gives considerable room for maneuver. In the combustion chambers at the factory settings there is a surplus of air, so that additional fuel can be burned. Chiptuning does not require interference with the car’s controller – the module is connected to the vehicle using factory plugs. For this reason, both installation and removal is quick and trouble-free.

Is chiptuning always a good choice?

We must remember, however, that not all cars will be susceptible to this method of improving performance. Typically, we can not use chiptuning in the case of vehicles from the 80s and 90s, which are devoid of advanced electronics. However, if we can bet on such a modification, it can prove to be an ideal way to adjust the capabilities of the engine to our individual needs. However, this is not a method without disadvantages. Keep in mind that we interfere in the electronics of the car. Recovery of the serial program involves a visit to a factory dedicated to electronic modifications.

It may also turn out that chiptuning will not give the expected results. In this situation, we can look for other solutions – we present the most interesting proposals.

Nitrous oxide in the injection system

This solution can successfully replace chiptuning. Investment in nitrous oxide injection system is the cost of about two thousand. This gas can easily add to any engine even a few dozen additional horsepower. Today’s installations work until the gas supply is exhausted – it is necessary here to use a cylinder placed in the trunk. Opting for nitrous oxide, we can increase engine power by up to 50%!

Mechanical tuning with a large range

In this case we can talk about a large variety of tuning range, as well as a significant price range. First of all, this is one of the most expensive forms of performance improvement – we are talking about amounts of several thousand zlotys.

We can use sport air filters with less resistance, but often with poor filtering quality. Their use may be associated with faster wear of engine components. Another option is to go for sports exhausts, which, however, more affect the appearance of the car, than actually improve engine power.

Electronic tuning with external module

One of the methods of electronic tuning is the use of an external module. Here, the main change is the amount of fuel. One of the biggest advantages of this solution is the lack of significant interference in the systems of the car, which will be particularly important for vehicles under manufacturer warranty. The modules themselves are assigned to a specific engine model, not a car. For this reason there is no place for individual tuning and selection of parameters.

Application of the turbine

Another way to improve engine power is to use a turbine. Its task is to supercharge the combustion engine. How to gain power, reaching for the turbine? Increase of engine power can be obtained by replacing this element with a bigger one. If our car model is not equipped with a turbine, usually we can install it without too much trouble.

Changing the filter to a cone filter

In the intake system, whose main task is to provide air into the combustion chamber of the engine, one of the key elements is the filter. Its importance derives primarily from its design – it is the narrowest point of the entire system. Application of a different inlet will change the quality of work. It is worth to reach for the conical filter, the replacement of which will accelerate the rush of air and high flow. Such action will strongly increase the sheer power and torque of the engine.


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