Wheels that will change the look of your car – our TOP 10
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Wheels that will change the look of your car – our TOP 10

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Wheel rims can effectively change the look of a car. The choice of wheels is really big, and drivers can choose from a large number of well-known manufacturers. Which solutions should you bet on? We present our TOP 10!

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels strongly change the look of a car and give it a sporty character. The wheel is lightweight and less resistant to mechanical damage. To make sure that only the highest quality alloys are used in their production it is worth choosing wheels from the most reputable manufacturers. One of them is the Borbet brand

Borbet CW2

This is a characteristic multi-spoke wheel with a sharp, sporty look. From the brand logo which is placed in the center of the rim, there are thin spokes on a wide hub. The black filling in the center makes the wheel appear larger. Its silver color emphasises the character of the car and complements any vehicle.

Borbet VT

In the case of this model from the German manufacturer we get an original multi-spoke rim, the arrangement of which resembles rotor blades. Some spokes are curved in the shape of crescents, which gives the impression of movement even when the car is not moving


These are wheels that will fit perfectly on models such as the Hyundai Tucson or the BMW Gran Tourer. A characteristic accent of the product is the graphite finish, which not only adds character to the vehicle but also a sporty elegance. Five arms with a wide and concave surface are characterized by a modern flair.

ANZIO Turn Black

This is a wheel for real gentlemen and ladies. This is where elegance, simplicity and refinement meet. This model is available in black with a slight shine. Five double arms expand outwards, creating an amazing impression. It is a perfect proposition, which can be installed in small city cars, middle class cars, as well as luxury limousines. After all, everyone deserves a little finesse in life


This is a great example of extremely simple aluminum wheels that are a combination of innovation and classic. On the one hand, it is simply a five-spoke design like many on the market. On the other hand, you notice its unusual shapes and details, such as the slight inclination. These give the rim a sporty elegance and increase the dynamic impression of the vehicle on which it is mounted

ANZIO Spark Polar

If you are looking for an uncommon rim the Spark Polar is the right choice. The five double spokes with additional folding at the rim contact area give the whole design and vehicle a sporty character. This is not only unique but also expresses an aggressive style aesthetic


Original and fancy rims can also be found on our domestic Polish market. ATT (Auto Tip-Top), a family company from Czestochowa, can boast not only almost 40 years of experience but also great products such as the 830CC model. This is a multi-spoke offering that adds a heavily sporty feel to any vehicle it is mounted on. The black finish with red, even maroon wrapping emphasizes the powerful style of each driver.

Oxxo Oberon

This rim is characterized by a rather unusual shape of the spokes, which makes it an eye-catching element, especially in the silver version. In addition to the elegant appearance, we are dealing with a German manufacturer, which is responsible for the highest quality of workmanship here. The wheels are TUV certified


These are rims which present a modern style. This is a classic five spoke design which has been enhanced with extravagant details. This is complemented by the silver color which has a very cool tone with a wintry white undertone. The G model will be a suitable choice for both A-segment cars and limousines. The simple design makes it easy to keep the rims clean all year round. This translates into an impeccable appearance from spring to winter

(Photo: pixabay.com)

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