How to choose rims for a car?
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How to choose rims for a car?

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Thinking about buying new rims for your car, but not quite sure how to go about it? Find out what to look for when choosing rims to make sure they fit your car’s wheels.

Choosing the right rims for your car is extremely important. They have to be perfectly matched to the wheels of the car in order for them to perform 100% of their role. But how do you choose them? Find out what you should pay attention to first and foremost.

Aluminium or steel – which material to choose?

The most popular material for manufacturing car wheels is aluminium. This solution is not only economical but also attractive. The modern models are characterised by their original design and high quality and the price range and the variety of designs are so large that everyone can find aluminium wheels to their taste and according to their expectations and financial possibilities. In addition, alloy wheels are durable, lightweight and easy to clean, which is certainly an advantage. The better cooling of the brakes also speaks in favour of alloy wheels.

A slightly older solution is steel wheels. These are however much more susceptible to damage than their aluminium counterparts. In their favour is the fact that they are much easier to repair

Does wheel size matter?

Wheel size is not only technically important, it also affects the appearance of a car. For some people the appearance of the car is more important, for others it is purely practical. Regardless of which group you fall into, it is important to choose the right size of rim. How to do it? There’s a simple rule of thumb: fitting large rims and low profile tires works well in the summer, when the roads are in better condition and driving is easier, but for the winter it’s better to fit smaller rims and higher profile tires. Remember also that if you choose the wrong rims for your wheels, you risk deforming the rims, putting too much strain on the suspension and reducing your comfort

A variety of designs and colors

In the case of steel rims, design and color are not as important because steel rims are most often used together with hubcaps. However, with aluminium models you have a lot more room for manoeuvre. The most classic example of an aluminum rim design is the five-spoke design. Depending on the color and finish, they can emphasize the elegant look of the car or its sporty character. Therefore, they are perfect for sports limousines. In addition, this design is easy to keep clean, which is why it is often chosen for winter. Six-spoke rims also have a similar character. If you want to achieve a sleeker and more delicate look then multi-spoke or spoke wheels are the best option for you, as they definitely change the character of your car due to their original form. The Tuning Shop can help you in your search for the perfect wheel design.

Also keep in mind that not only the design but also the color decides on the appearance of the wheels. The most popular colors are classic black and graphite for a sporty and dynamic look and all shades of silver for an elegant look. However, the current manufacturing capabilities do not place limits on the choice of rim colors, so you can choose rims in shades of gold, red, blue… whatever you want!

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