Air conditioning service – what it is and whether you can do it yourself
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Air conditioning service – what it is and whether you can do it yourself

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Air conditioning service, like most checks on your car, should be done regularly and periodically. This way, you can ensure that this part of your vehicle is working impeccably and not failing when you need it most.

Want to know what an air conditioning service looks like and wondering if you can do it yourself? Then be sure to read our guide and learn more about this topic.

Air conditioning in modern cars – or check the on-board electronics

This step is carried out only in modern cars, which are equipped with automatic air conditioning. The specialist should connect the tester to the diagnostic socket. This will make it possible to read any errors that may appear in the air conditioning system. The most common abnormality is a drop in pressure.

Changing the refrigerant in the air-conditioning system

There is a working refrigerant in the air conditioning system. With time it escapes, but this is a very slow and natural process. It can happen, however, that it escapes too quickly, which can indicate a leak

During an air conditioning service, the refrigerant is extracted and a vacuum is created in the system. This is the time to run a test to see what the cause of the escaping refrigerant is. If the vacuum is not able to hold for a certain amount of time, it means that there are leaks in the air conditioning system that need to be repaired.

Checking the performance of your car’s air conditioning system

During service, you can check the performance of your air conditioning system. There is one way to do this. You need to place a thermometer on the air conditioning grille in your car. Then it is necessary to turn the air conditioning on max for cooling. Then close the car door and wait for a while.

During this time, measure the speed at which it is possible to achieve maximum cooling of the vehicle interior. The result should be compared with the test result. In this way, you can easily determine whether this system is efficient.

A/C de-fumigation and cabin filter replacement

This part of the service work cannot be omitted. It is worth knowing that on the A/C filter microorganisms can form, the presence of which is dangerous to health. They can take root as early as a year after replacement, so A/C service should be performed regularly

There are two ways to de-funger an A/C. The first way, which has been used for years, is chemical cleaning. However, this method is increasingly being abandoned in favor of ozone treatment, which is safer and more effective. The mechanic puts a device into the air conditioner that produces ozone. This destroys all the microorganisms that have managed to develop in the car

After the whole procedure, the car is thoroughly cleaned and aired so that no unpleasant smell can be smelled.

Replacement of the dehumidifier in the air conditioner

The air conditioning dehumidifier is, as the name suggests, a part whose task is to collect moisture from the working medium. Thanks to this it is possible to maintain good quality of the air that comes out of the air conditioning. It is worth knowing that it is a part that is subject to exploitation, which makes regular replacement necessary.

Most manufacturers advise replacement every two or three years. However, there are car models, in which the replacement of this device should take place at least once a year.

Can you service the air conditioning yourself, or is it better to go to a specialist?

It may seem that air conditioning service is nothing complicated and you can do it yourself. It is worth knowing, however, that cleaning, checking for leaks and de-fumigation of air conditioning requires appropriate skills and professional equipment. The people who don’t have it at their disposal, unfortunately, are not able to carry out this service properly.

So it is better to opt for the help of professionals, to be sure that the maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning were carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the car.


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