How do you reduce your car’s operating costs?
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How do you reduce your car’s operating costs?

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Many factors contribute to the cost of operating a vehicle. Is it possible to avoid expensive repairs by meticulously following a few rules? Here are some tips!

A well-considered purchase is essential

As a rule, we have excessive dreams and plans. It is no different when it comes to buying a car. You start out with a high amount of money and then, over time, decide to reduce it. In the pursuit of a new vehicle, reason wins out over your heart. However, at the very beginning you should consider whether you need a car at all. Especially in big cities there are many convenient alternatives. We are talking about public transport, but also about bicycles and electric scooters rented for minutes. Maybe you only need the car as a means of transport to work? It does not make any sense in the city

Principles of vehicle operation cost reduction

A few well-thought-out rules to follow when buying a car and later during its use. With these tips you can save a lot in many situations!

  1. It probably does not need to be reminded that cars are divided into cheaper and more expensive in operation. A vehicle for 20 thousand zloty can consume the second amount in the coming years of use. Maybe choosing a slightly more expensive car will be a better option here? German cars are famous for their expensive parts. The Renault or Citroen, especially in the case of city models, is even several times lower cost of replacement parts. You have to put practical aspects above taste here. Already during the purchase you will know that you are choosing wisely, which will save you money after years.
  2. Once you have purchased your car, it will be time to insure it. Think it through well and don’t pick the first bargain you can find. The internet is full of third party insurance price comparison sites, which will make things a lot easier. By entering the basic data of the vehicle, you can quickly find out which insurer has the best proposal.
  3. Timely tire changes are another very important issue. Taking care of a regular change of tires for winter, when the first snow falls, and for summer, when the temperature rises, is a guarantee of longer tire life, which will maintain its condition not for two, but for example, three seasons. Remember that one “rubber” is the cost of about 200 PLN, so it is really quite a lot. In addition, consider replacing the tires yourself. You can save on that as well.
  4. Refuel at a reliable station, where the fuel is of good quality. It does not necessarily have to be the cheapest one. Saving a few groszy on a liter of gasoline or diesel fuel may cause that you choose poor fuel, and this means a torment for the drive system and many other parts of the vehicle. Consequently, this can mean more frequent and costly repairs.
  5. Check fluid levels where possible. This is especially important when it comes to engine oil. Neglect in this area has destroyed many drive units. Also, remember to change your oil and filters once a year or after about 15,000 miles
  6. Don’t drive your car. Smooth driving without sudden acceleration and braking can save up to several liters per 100 kilometers.
  7. Instead of starting the car to go to the store located a few dozen meters from home, consider riding a bike. Take your bike or e-scooter to work every now and then. You’ll save on fuel!
  8. Take care of proper tire pressure with compressors at gas stations. Not only will you save fuel – with good tire pressure, the tread does not wear out as quickly.
  9. If you don’t have to, don’t carry heavy objects. Extra weight also means higher fuel consumption
  10. Last but by far the most important rule. Drive safely, obey the rules of the road and don’t take any risks. An additional ticket or another “photo” taken by a speed camera means unnecessary costs.

Following these rules you will really save

The most important rule governing the reduction of car exploitation costs is meticulousness and knowledge. It is worth to know the above-mentioned rules and follow them throughout the period of vehicle ownership. At the turn of the year you may find that you will save a lot not only on fuel, but also on repairs


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