Tools for joint replacement – what you may need

Tools for joint replacement – what you may need

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You should know that one of the components in the car that may need frequent replacement are the joints.

How to diagnose that it is necessary to replace them? When they do not work properly and do not fulfill their role while driving, when turning the steering wheel or during acceleration, you can hear a characteristic sound – knocking coming from around the wheels

This could mean that the joints are damaged and need to be replaced. Do you want to know how to do it and what you need? Then be sure to read our guide.

How to prepare for joint replacement?

It is necessary to prepare well for the replacement of joints. It is a work under the car, so it is necessary to take care of safety during the exchange. This means that you will need a jack, which will allow you to lift the car and safely unscrew the wheel

When choosing a jack, remember that it has to match the weight of your car. This in turn means that it must be of high quality and work impeccably. It’s a tool that makes all the difference when it comes to safety during operation.

However, it is not the only device that you will need when replacing joints. We also need to prepare socket wrenches. A thirty-two millimeter wrench will work best. In addition, you may need a set of socket wrenches in sizes thirteen, fifteen, seventeen and nineteen millimeters. These are the most common nut sizes.

This is quite a demanding job where you have to use a lot of force. So, a hammer may also be useful, which is possible to knock out the joints. It is worth getting a flathead screwdriver, as well as pliers. It may be necessary to use a cotton cloth. However, it is better not to use a new one, it will quickly be destroyed. It can be a piece of worn clothing, a towel or a sheet.

Replacement of joints – is it feasible?

The above-mentioned tools are necessary to be able to replace the joints in the correct way. Many people wonder if it is possible to take care of such tasks on their own. It is quite a hard and complicated job, so replacing it yourself may not be possible. You can, of course, help yourself to tutorials or instructions, which can be easily found on the Internet

However, if despite such help this work seems too difficult, it is definitely better to go to a specialist, who will know perfectly well how to deal with it. Thanks to this you can be sure that the exchange will be done in the correct way.


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