Functions and types of bearings

Functions and types of bearings

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Bearings play an important role in machine building. They support and guide rotating components in relation to one another and also help to reduce energy consumption thanks to reduced friction. Read which types of bearings are massively used in many sectors of the engineering and automotive industries.

The bearing structure usually consists of an inner ring, an outer ring or discs with races, and rolling elements in the form of rollers or balls. Rolling bearings can also be fitted with seals and cages, which are used to guide the rolling elements. There are rolling bearings, plain bearings, radial bearings and thrust bearings. The choice of model usually depends on the application of the connecting element.

The most common types of bearings are

  • ball bearings
  • needle roller
  • tapered roller
  • spherical
  • cylindrical
  • self-aligning.

Ball bearings

Ball bearing models are the most commonly used type of bearing. This is influenced by their versatility and speed of rotation. However, keep in mind that they are not suitable for heavy loads. It is worth to invest in high quality ball bearingsit is worth investing in high quality, durable stainless steel, which guarantees resistance to corrosion. Traditional ball bearings can be used for radial loads and axial loads in both directions. There are also ball bearings available on the market miniature roller bearingson the market, there are also ball bearings which – thanks to their size – can be used in small machines. This type of bearing is distinguished by the lowest resistance to motion among all rolling products used in various load-carrying mechanisms. It can be purchased in single and double row design

Needle roller bearings

Needle roller bearings are capable of carrying both axial load and impact load. Due to their shape, they can be easily placed in the right location. They are usually used for continuous operation at high speeds. Automotive and machine builders are the most frequent buyers of needle roller thrust bearings. Compared to ball elements, needle roller bearings have a higher load rating and a lower rotational capacity. They are made of high-quality materials and are resistant to mechanical damage as well as corrosion and high temperatures. A wide selection of needle roller bearings can be found at

Tapered roller bearings

This type of bearing is intended to carry heavy axial and radial loads. They are divided into metric and inch bearings. Analyzing the designations of inch tapered roller bearings, you should first of all pay attention to the presence of letters that indicate the load class.

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