Common cooling system faults in the car

Common cooling system faults in the car

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During operation, the car engine heats up considerably. The cooling system is responsible for optimizing its operation and preventing overheating. If the cooling system is defective in the car, you should not start the engine at all, and even less you can not drive it under any circumstances. A car with a damaged cooling system is very dangerous, so do not get into it before repairing the fault. See what are the most common cooling system faults.

Coolant problems

A common cooling system fault is inadequate coolant levels. If the coolant level has dropped dramatically in a very short time or has even disappeared altogether, this most likely indicates a coolant leak. In this situation you should use a jack and check the individual components of the system. The problem may be a leaky radiator, which causes the fluid to leak out. If everything is fine with the radiator, you should take a look at the heater. If this component is malfunctioning, it can lead to coolant leaking or evaporating. This failure can be identified by stains around the heater.

If there is no leak, but the coolant continues to evaporate, the fault needs to be looked for further. The reason could be, for example, that the head gasket has shifted or moved. If this is the case, coolant will begin to leak into the engine and engine oil reservoir. This failure can be diagnosed by checking the oil. If its color is unnaturally light or unnaturally dark, coolant has probably gotten into it. The best thing to do in this situation is to replace the faulty components, although this is an expensive investment. Repair of these defects can cost up to two thousand zlotys. Spare parts for the cooling system are offered by France Auto

If there is too much coolant, it even pours out of the reservoir and its level does not drop, there is probably an air lock. The valve should be vented right away to prevent further malfunctions. However, chances are that if the damage is not extensive, everything will return to normal on its own after a few days.

Ventilation problems

Noisy operation of the fan is not a cause for concern, but this does not mean that this component does not break down, on the contrary. On the contrary, if the fan is electrically driven, its failure may even lead to damage to the motor. When it is intensively used for years, the brushes or the thermo-switch, which starts the fan automatically when the temperature is too high, begin to refuse service. Replacement of these components is not expensive, the cost is in the range of several dozen zloty. If the car is in the fan cooperating with the belt, usually there is a failure of the clutch, which drives both elements. In this situation, you usually have to reckon with the replacement of the fan, which is already more expensive repair, and may cost up to 300 even 700 zł.

To keep your car in good condition and functioning perfectly, you need to take care of it in the right way. It is not enough only clean and waxed body and vacuumed seats. It is equally important to take care of it, keep it clean and regularly check the technical condition of the “guts” of the car, that is what is under the hood. Take care of your car, because its good technical condition is a guarantee of your safety


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