Causes of leakage of operating fluids in a car

Causes of leakage of operating fluids in a car

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Cars, especially older ones, are plagued by oil and operating fluid leaks. The first step is to check for leaks.

Coolant leaks in the car

Placed at the forefront due to the frequency of the problem. This leak is the most common and often the most dangerous. Unfortunately, it is difficult to catch the leaking liquid because it evaporates quite quickly. However, there are symptoms that can indicate low coolant levels. First of all, it is a rise in engine temperature or frequent activation of the radiator fan – especially in summer. In modern cars, an indicator light will tell you if the coolant is below normal. In older cars, it may be missing

When adding coolant does not help, you are dealing with a leak caused by a leaking or damaged line or a cracked expansion tank. The water pump in cars that are several years old can also be mentioned here. Autogas vehicles, on the other hand, experience coolant leaks from around the LPG regulator. This is due to the aging of materials – a trivial, but at the same time the most common reason. It is important not to underestimate this problem. Driving without coolant, especially when you see beautiful summer weather behind the window, can lead to overheating of the drive unit.

Transmission oil leakage

Another example is a transmission oil leak. Its symptoms are:

  • abnormal and noisy transmission operation,
  • wet gearbox and clutch with oil,
  • difficulty changing gears.

Prolonged driving without transmission fluid unfortunately happens often because we don’t notice the symptoms. However, we console ourselves with the fact that the only reason for the leak is the leakage of simulations on the main shaft or smaller seals located at the output of the drive shafts. The cost of replacing the seals is not high, and the entire repair kit can be purchased independently, but remember to properly match the set to the vehicle

Automatic transmissions consume oil much faster than manual versions. Unfortunately there is no way to check the fluid – but it is worth having it checked by a service technician during a routine filter and engine oil change. This way you can avoid problems with the gearbox. The cost of replacing this component is as high as for the power unit

Stain under the car – is it A/C refrigerant?

This symptom is either harmless or very poisonous. Whether the A/C refrigerant is dangerous when the A/C system leaks depends on the substance used. The symptom of a refrigerant leak is simply an air conditioner not working. This happens because of the aforementioned leak, but also because of damage to the condenser and a problem with the seals in the compressor. If it is a system with R134a, you don’t have to worry. However, if your car has 1234yf refrigerant, it can ignite in an accident, creating an extremely poisonous substance. So, air conditioning problems cannot be underestimated

Engine oil leak – how to recognize it?

The main symptoms of an engine oil leak are:

  • low fluid level on inspection,
  • black spots under a parked car.

Frequent engine oil checks and parking in a clean area will help catch the problem quickly. As a rule, however, fluid checks are rare. After all, every 15 thousand kilometers there is a replacement, so why bother. But few people know that this will allow you to avoid unpleasant situations and high repair costs of the most important unit in the car

The cause is, of course, the seals. There are quite a few of them, so it can be difficult to come to this on your own. Valve cover and old or damaged cover gasket are the most common causes. It is worth adding here also leakage from the crankshaft seal, and from the camshaft. Another common cause is a leaking oil sump and leakage in the turbocharger. All this is related to the aging of hoses and components of the drivetrain. It is therefore worth remembering to check the oil and to replace individual parts of the system whenever possible.

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