Maintenance-free battery – operation and application

Maintenance-free battery – operation and application

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Maintenance-free batteries are very convenient and undemanding replacements for traditional alkaline-acid batteries. They are gaining popularity among lovers of both four and two wheels. They are simple to use, effective and have no special requirements. See what is the operation and use of maintenance-free battery.

Maintenance free battery – what is it?

Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) battery is a battery, which in contrast to the standard acid-base battery, does not contain liquid electrolyte. Why is it called maintenance free? Because it doesn’t need to be charged, refilled, or constantly checked. Lead-acid battery is simply installed and operated. Of course, there are cases when it needs inspection, checking and possibly a little help from our side, to make it work perfectly, but this need occurs rarely, and certainly less often than in case of traditional acid-base battery. Any electronics store will offer a maintenance-free or traditional battery.

How does a lead-acid battery work?

A maintenance-free battery is also called a gel battery. Unlike its acid-base predecessor, it does not require topping up of electrolyte, so you don’t have to constantly check its condition. In addition, thanks to the fact that they do not contain liquid inside, but hardened gel, they can work in virtually any position, do not have to be set perfectly straight. They are completely sealed, which makes them safe for use and skin contact – in case of sealed, fully operational maintenance free battery there is no danger of sulfuric acid burns. Their tightness is an additional advantage when it comes to ecology, because they do not emit harmful, acidic fumes into the atmosphere

Why is maintenance free battery more popular than traditional one?

A lead-acid battery is safer than a traditional battery because, although its electrolyte also contains sulfuric acid, it is hardened, so there is no risk of it spilling out of the container. In addition, the container that contains the battery gel is completely sealed, so nothing from inside will escape to the outside. Such a battery also does not require topping up of electrolyte, the gel is sufficient for the entire life of the battery, so you do not have to worry that something bad will happen to it due to your negligence

How to care for maintenance free battery?

A gel battery doesn’t really need much care – that’s why it’s called maintenance free! This battery works fantastically without any user intervention. You just need to check once in a while if all cables are connected properly. If you want to fully optimize your battery and provide absolute protection, you can protect battery terminals and clamps with special grease. Such grease protects against corrosion and oxidation and provides better electrical contact of the battery terminals

Choosing and buying a new battery seems like a task that doesn’t even require much thought. After a little more in-depth research, however, it turns out that this is not such a simple matter. Before deciding which battery you will choose, think about this decision and weigh all the pros and cons.


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