What is Italian tuning?
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What is Italian tuning?

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Italy is the cradle of cars that impress with their performance and engine size. Lamborghini or Ferrari is a dream of drivers around the world and many try to make their cars look like these designs, which is called Italian tuning. How does it affect the condition of the engine?

How to describe the phenomenon of Italian tuning? It’s about trying to achieve the best possible results by modifying the original engine, while at the same time protecting the engine and… fuel economy. Sounds ideal, right?

Among the fans of such modifications there is a conviction that engines subjected to heavy loads work longer and better than cut units that have not seen the so-called stretch

Italian tuning is the right way!

And – interestingly enough – they are right! Pseudo-ecological approach sometimes wins over factual arguments or facts. And these are merciless – unskilful ecodriving, that is driving at very low revs, without skillful reduction and regular increase of revs destructively affect both fuel consumption and the engine itself.

If you drive phlegmatically, without going up to higher revs, the car starts to burn more (it needs more petrol to work), and on top of that pistons and cylinders wear out faster. Such driving may even end up in seizure of the unit

A positive principle of Italian tuning (consistent with the actual ecodriving) is cycling at higher revs – above 4000. In this way the engine wakes up to life, and this allows you to take full advantage of its capabilities

And what about performance improvements?

Fans of Italian tuning often also change the parameters of the original unit. Here they indicate the need to go into higher values and increase torque. This makes sense if the interference with the power unit will not affect the strength of the block. You can change individual components for stronger ones (pistons, turbine, head), but remember that the main part should be protected and able to withstand the newly generated power.

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