Winter or all-season tires – which option to choose?

Winter or all-season tires – which option to choose?

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Winter or all-season? The choice of tires is an eternal problem for drivers. Multi-season tires are cheaper, because they do not require a visit to the vulcanizer every season. Winter tires, on the other hand, are safer because they adapt only to specific conditions. So, how can you avoid the danger without leaving your wallet empty?


All-season tires are becoming increasingly popular on our roads. Each tire manufacturer has them in their assortment. They are cheaper, you do not have to replace them as often as seasonal models and you do not have to worry about their storage. But can they handle winter as well as summer conditions? Before you decide to replace your tires with all-season tires, consider which will be suitable for the conditions you deal with most often.

Also this year, the holiday season was spent under the sign of spring aura rather than winter madness. What has changed in recent days, however briefly. Thermometers in most parts of Poland show a clearly positive temperature. This raises the question of whether it’s worth investing in two sets of tires and buying winter tires for the car, or whether it would be better to consider a multi-year option, often called all-season tires.

Advantages and disadvantages

Choosing between all-season and winter tires usually focuses on the financial aspect, especially the cost of replacing tires every six months. However, that’s not the only concern. Of course, choosing all-season tires, we buy only one set for several years. Otherwise – two sets. This already increases the cost.

The price of an all-season tire is higher than a winter model. However, it should be noted that premium all-season tires have performance comparable to medium-quality winter tires. Thus, saving on quality does not make sense here. In addition, only first-class all-season models guarantee a stable and comfortable ride without excessive noise emissions. So, if you are focused on comfort, there is no room for savings on all-season tires.

It’s worth noting that there are three key differences between summer and winter tires. These include construction, rubber compound and tread pattern. In the latter case, these winter tires feature a deep profile. This allows snow to get inside for better grip. In addition, the tread of a winter tire consists of thousands of slits in the tread blocks that distribute water. This prevents aquaplaning.

Among the differences between tires, do not forget that winter counterparts perform better below 7 degrees Celsius. Above this temperature, the compound, which is quite soft, tends to wear excessively, thus reducing the life of the tire. So remember that a temporary replacement will make your set last as long as possible.

An asset issue

The average price for a tire replacement ranges from £80 to £150. This depends on the size of your wheels, the type of rims and wheel pressure sensors. In addition, there may be additional charges, for example for wheel balancing. Seasonal models are replaced twice a year. One set is sufficient for about 4 years. Just the vulcanization service connected with changing the wheels in spring and autumn for the whole life of the same set of tires is +/- 1000 PLN! To the cost must be added the storage of them in the vulcanization workshop, if we can not hide them at home.

When choosing an all-season tire, remember that it is designed for both summer and winter. Therefore, it’s not an ideal product like one designed for a specific time of the year. For example, winter tires are certainly a good option for people who move mainly in the city, where even when it snows, it is quickly removed from the streets.


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