Which are the best brake pads to choose? We check manufacturers!

Which are the best brake pads to choose? We check manufacturers!

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Brake pads are some of the most important components of a vehicle’s braking system. It is thanks to them and the brake discs that braking is possible, which is a key function necessary during every drive.

What are brake pads?

Brake system consists of many components. There are the brake calipers, the brake force distribution equalizer, the master cylinder, the pedal, as well as the disc and the brake pads. How does it actually work? When the driver presses the brake pedal to stop or slow the vehicle, the pads are pushed out by a piston. They are made up of several layers, each of which performs specific functions. One of them is the interlayer, which is responsible for damping vibrations and protecting the caliper, among other things. Finally, there is the friction material and backing plate.

What is braking and what role do brake pads play in it?

Although many drivers boast excellent driving skills, not many of them know how a car works, including the braking system. However, the braking process is extremely important. Obviously, it is what ensures the safety of drivers and other road users.

The principle of braking is not complicated at all. Modern braking systems use Pascal’s Law. A constant value of pressure in a closed loop hydraulic system multiplies the force exerted on the working parts. When the driver wants to brake his car, he presses on the brake pedal. This is an impulse for the master cylinder, which is responsible for pumping the fluid through the lines. This is where the all too familiar brake fluid enters the scene. It causes the piston to be pressed, which in turn is responsible for pressing the pads to the disc. The contact surfaces are the abrasive layer of the brake pads and the working layer of the disc. As a result, the vehicle brakes, sometimes to a complete stop. This simply depends on how hard the driver presses down on the pedal

Top brake pad manufacturers – an overview

An efficient braking system is essential if you want to get the most out of your car and enjoy safe driving. There are many products on the market offering brake parts, but not all of them are worthy of interest. To be sure of the quality of the components used, it is worth choosing only those from reputable manufacturers, trusted by drivers around the world for years. So let’s go to the review of selected brands.


Bosch is a German company whose history began back in 1886, when Robert Bosch founded a company in Stuttgart that manufactured consumer goods, automotive products, and technical equipment for buildings. and technical equipment for buildings. In our country, the company has been present since 1991. Bosch is one of the largest companies in the world producing automotive parts and accessories, including brake pads. Bosch ensures that its parts wear evenly, which is due to a constant coefficient of friction. All Bosch products are extremely strong and durable, which guarantees reliability and safety while driving. Bosch brake pads are made with attention to detail. German quality, advanced technology and superior materials – a combination that cannot be ignored


Brembo is an Italian manufacturer of braking systems, whose operations began in 1961. The company was founded by Emilio Bombassei and developed by his son Alberto Bombassei. Although the brand specializes in supplying sports cars, in its offer we can also find a wide range of products for civilian passenger cars. Brembo parts are made with the utmost safety of users in mind. All the brake pads on offer are highly durable products with excellent parameters and properties. They ensure smooth and reliable braking in all conditions.


TRW is one of the most respected companies in the industry, especially when it comes to brake parts. It is an American manufacturer of automotive parts that are distinguished by their outstanding quality. TRW offers a wide range of products, including discs and brake pads that we are interested in today. Before any of them reaches the market, it undergoes numerous quality control and safety tests. The key, however, is the use of specialized COTEC technology. It makes the pads fit the calipers instantly, right after they are replaced. COTEC is a friction coating that ensures a high level of safety from the very first brake. All this is due to its excellent technical parameters.


Ferodo specialises in the production of high-quality automotive parts. The company is one of the worldwide leaders in the production of brake system components for first assembly (OE). Ferodo can boast a wealth of experience when it comes to the automotive industry. The brake pads offered by this company are products of exceptional durability. They have already been on the market for many years and still deserve great recognition. They are chosen by many drivers – as many as 8 out of 10 cars on the European scene are factory-equipped with them.

What pads to choose?

The choice of specific pads is really an individual matter of each driver. The products of the companies mentioned above that are available on the market are characterized by high quality workmanship and good abrasive properties. If we care about traveling safety, it is worth choosing proven solutions from reputable manufacturers. Before buying brake pads it is worth reading other users’ opinions on a particular model.

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