The best paints available on the market – this is what you should repaint your car with

The best paints available on the market – this is what you should repaint your car with

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Water-based paint, acrylic paint or maybe pearl paint? On the market you will find a lot of proposals for car paints. How to choose the best paint and from which manufacturer? Check it now!

What to do when choosing a car varnish?

Before we proceed to the list of the best proposals for car paint, we will talk about what to choose. The color itself is of course an individual issue, when you paint only one part of the car, it should match the number on the nameplate. Whether you are repainting the car, completely changing the color, or painting only one of the parts, always pay attention to quality. The paint must adhere properly to the surface, and there should be no chipping during the work. Remember to check whether a given type of paint meets all technical standards, has undergone rigorous research and testing. Nowadays, every product should meet them. It is also a good idea to check whether a given varnish meets the requirements concerning environmental protection.

When choosing a manufacturer and its particular varnish, suggest customer reviews. Check the internet to see how popular the manufacturer and its product is. Check forums, where people who have used a given coat describe whether painting a car with it is easy or rather should be left to professionals. Finally, be aware of the price. Products whose price is encouraging and sometimes even positively surprise you – may not meet your quality expectations. Choosing a high-class solution will make painting your car not difficult, and the paint will remain “like new” for years of use. Here are some of the most interesting proposals.

  1. Standox paints

A very popular and, what is important, appreciated brand of car paints. There are clearcoats as well as basecoats available there. What is important, in the offer you will find ready solutions for a given make and model of a car, as well as versions adjusted to the name plate, on which there is a color number. So adjusting the base coat and the subsequent clear coat will not be a problem. Standocryl 2K Crystal Pro Clear is one of the clearcoat lines that refinishers rely on. It works well for spot repairs, partial or full repainting. Standox basecoats are easy to apply and enable precise color matching. The basecoat dries quickly and provides good coverage for any surface. Painters use Standox basecoats to create interesting artistic effects. For this you need high quality!

  1. DuPont pearl varnish

The American manufacturer DuPont is one of the largest sellers of chemical products in the world. So it is not surprising that the pearl varnishes offered by the brand are a guarantee of high quality and great coverage. Recently, pearl is the king of varnishes, a beautiful brocade on the surface of the sheet shines in any lighting conditions. What is important, the company offers a large number of interesting, often unprecedented colors. In this way you can completely paint your car. Of course, there are metallic and colorless paints. The most important advantage of the brand’s lacquers is the absence of defects caused by polluted air during painting and resistance to “wrinkling”. In the case of colourless solutions, a characteristic feature is the saving of the agent in comparison with the painted surface.

  1. Varnishes by Spies Hecker

A Cologne-based paint company with more than 135 years of experience. Its products are sold in dozens of countries. It is one of the leading brands on the market. Its product range includes, among other things, passenger car refinishes for professional refinishers. HS Klarlack 8650/8034/8030 clearcoats are only examples from wide assortment of the brand. Basecoats and topcoats are also available to customers. An example is the Basislack 480 line – waterborne basecoats with the highest color precision and quality. The line includes a number of color versions, characterized by precise and uniform color effects, short drying times, and an easy and reliable shading process

Three paint companies and their products are the most frequently recommended, appreciated and reviewed solutions by painters from Poland and countries around the world! Betting on these paints, you can be sure of your choice. They will make the sheet metal as if the car had just come from the factory!


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