How to choose wheels for a used SUV?
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How to choose wheels for a used SUV?

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SUVs dominate the roads in Poland and all over the world. And even though they are constantly evolving, there is no shortage of admirers of these cars. This is evidenced by the steady increase in demand for this type of car. An SUV needs the right rims as much as a fish needs water. It is very easy to spoil its majesty with bad styling or dimensions. This article will clear up any doubts in this regard.


SUVs are now the most popular types of cars not only in Poland, but also in the world. Quite recently, statistics were released that confirmed their dominance in the automotive market. Despite the fact that current SUVs do not have much in common with their prototype – a spacious station wagon body equipped with a high suspension, there is no shortage of lovers of these cars.

With their majesty and huge size, SUVs have become a kind of symbol and social status marker. Whether this was a deliberate marketing ploy or not, we have to admit that we perceive the owner of a small coupe differently from the owner of a large SUV

Especially on the secondary market dominate this type of cars. You can convince yourself of this by going to the nearest medium-sized consignment shop. There you will find many giants in the automotive world. So you have spotted and hunted your new acquisition, now what? It is very rare that the rims of a used car are in good condition. Usually you will find cracked and tarnished alloy wheels that are asking for a quick death

Not alloy wheel to alloy wheel

Before getting down to it, it is important to know the characteristics that determine whether a rim meets all the necessary requirements.

The diameter of the wheel has a positive influence on the appearance of a car, and it is well known that customers buy with their eyes. The ever-increasing wheel arches of cars make it imperative that we fill them with something pleasing to the eye. Another important issue about SUVs is the ever-increasing brakes, which require wheels with the right diameters to meet the design requirements

Another important consideration is where you plan to drive your urban off-roader. If you want to go off-road, it is advisable to invest in smaller diameter rims, so that you have more room for the right tyres, which work better in any off-road conditions. In this case you will not limit your capabilities, but the aesthetic value of the car may suffer.

Large rims primarily add elegance to your acquisition. However, they cease to be as pleasing as soon as they are damaged. Especially since the larger the diameter of the rim and the lower the tire profile, the easier it is to damage. In this case, simply driving onto a kerb can be a challenge. This can be prevented by applying the appropriate high tire pressure, but this will result in reduced comfort and uneven tire wear

Large rims also mean faster wear on the suspension, or at least on a spring suspension. The tire is the first element to absorb bumps. So, if the tires lose this property, the extra work falls to the rubber suspension components

Price difference

Changing an inch or two is not a big problem, but with larger and non-standard sizes, you may find that you are facing significant expenses when you first replace the tires on the rim

That’s why it’s important to be cautious and sensible about rim size. Excessive nonchalance can take its toll on your wallet. Your best bet is to find out which rims are most popular among owners of your model. This will save you a lot of money by the fact that these are the wheels that are most popular, both on the primary and secondary markets

In a word to sum up

Above all, it’s a good idea to use common sense when choosing wheels for your SUV and weigh up all the pros and cons. Firstly, decide what kind of surface you want to drive on – if you’re interested in off-road driving in addition to the urban jungle, it’s best to invest in smaller diameter wheels; oversized wheels are prone to potential damage and faster tire wear. Secondly, consider the most popular sizes for your car. This will help you spend less not only on the rims themselves, but also on the tires designed for them. And finally, consider the aesthetic value – after all, there’s nothing stopping you from having more than one set of wheels

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