Suspension changes – what can be improved, what should be avoided?
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Suspension changes – what can be improved, what should be avoided?

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With a few changes, you will enjoy a more precise and controlled handling of your car. If you’re thinking about modifying your suspension, take your time. Spending money on the right parts and services is of the utmost importance. If you’re curious about what performance-enhancing modifications the following things are worth considering.

Shock absorber

With the right accessories, you’ll avoid a bumpy ride. A set of performance threads will definitely get the job done. As the name suggests, a threaded shock absorber is an automotive suspension device that allows the user to adjust various aspects of the car’s height, compartment, damping, and so on. And so on. Shock absorbers are components that help the vehicle to overcome the shock according to the weight of the car. This component consists of shock absorbers and coil springs. They are assembled as a whole before installation and replaced when the shock absorber leaks.

There are three types of car suspensions: OEM suspension, slip-fit suspension and last but not least, whole body assemblies. You can gain a lot by choosing threaded ones. This configuration allows for easy adjustment, not to mention the fact that they can come with threaded lower bodies and mounts. Decide which configuration works best for you and make the necessary changes. Installing performance shocks is not complicated, as long as you use the right tools and are patient.

Shock absorber bearings

Shock absorber bearings, form the point of contact between the spring column and the body. So they are important suspension components. In vehicles with a column-type suspension design, the front columns, which contain the springs and shock absorbers, are mounted with bearings or even bearing plates. Generally, the suspension columns are mounted on top of the shock absorbers, allowing torsional movement with low friction and positively affecting the way the car steers.

Mechanics strongly recommend replacing the shock absorber bearings so they don’t affect suspension or steering performance. Replace all shock absorber mounting parts in the spring. Search for replacement parts made and tested by professionals to make sure they are right for your car. If you want to upgrade your car to a heavy-duty or racing suspension, like a sportline suspension, choose shock absorber bearings that are compatible with this type of mounting. Make sure you have the correct size wrench to remove the bolts.

Air springs

Air springs have always been used in heavy-duty suspension systems, allowing you to use the compressed air needed for the braking system. These suspension components are used in both cars and buses. Air inserts can be added to coil spring suspensions to prevent deflection or wheel hop. Immediate benefits include instant tuning and the ability to adjust the handling for different road situations. Some kits can be installed with basic tools. Nevertheless, you should let the professionals handle the entire project. You will need to install lowered axles and remove the springs.

If you want, install the air suspension yourself. Start with the rear air springs, which are designed to support the weight of the ride. When you’re done, install the front air shocks and move on to wiring the air compressor and power supply. The compressor requires power to operate. Finally, carefully check the installation and setup. Errors are the last thing you want.

Also check the sport lowering springs to lower the vehicle.


The suspension system, along with the wheels and tires, provides better handling and more comfort. If you want to enjoy a smoother ride, think about changing the wheel and tire size. Besides affecting the performance of your ride, wheels and tires affect noise levels, comfort, and fuel economy. Adjusting their size will make your car look completely different, but that’s not what’s important. Different parts affect your car’s driving behavior, improving handling and providing a better ride. Good wheels are large enough to fill the space in the structure where the wheel sits, but are not oversized. When you add threads and stiffen the shock column, you will feel like you are driving a new car. While you’re changing your tires, take a look at another item, which is rim spacers.


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