Ford E-Transit – what is this unusual delivery truck?

Ford E-Transit – what is this unusual delivery truck?

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The van, which you can move at work, should be distinguished by many practical features.

In addition, it should provide convenience, comfort and appropriate conditions for work in all conditions. Safety on the road also matters. That is why so many people are interested in the Ford E-Transit car, which uses modern technologies that meet the expectations of every entrepreneur and employee. What else is worth knowing about this car?

Driver and passenger comfort in the first place

It may seem that a delivery truck will not be comfortable. It is a car designed for work, so it is difficult to feel comfortable in it. However, it is worth knowing that the manufacturers of the Ford E-Transit car had a completely different approach to this. That’s why in the interior of the vehicle you can notice high-quality materials and perfectly shaped seats, which will provide comfort even during a long journey.

In addition, the elegant and modern dashboard impresses, which makes the interior of the car seems more spacious. In addition, the car has many small and larger storage compartments, which makes it possible to always have everything you need at hand.

Stay in control in all conditions

Driving a van with a heavy load is not an easy task. However, the Ford E-Transit is a car that is meant to be easy to drive in all conditions. That’s why this model features intelligent all-wheel drive.

Why intelligent? It reacts to every change in the ground and then sends the appropriate amount of torque to the rear wheels. This ensures that the car’s power is used to its full potential. This model also features a vehicle load control system. This makes it easy to determine the appropriate payload of the car, which will reduce the risk of overloading. The cars in this series have built-in cameras and parking sensors, making it significantly easier to maneuver the car in the parking lot.

Comfortable driving even at night

Delivery vans are used at different times of the day. And sometimes goods need to be transported in the evening when it is already dark outside. To make it easier and safer on the road, the Ford E-Transit is equipped with a cornering light system. The lights will start when the turn signal is activated.

In addition, the car is equipped with an automatic high beam control system. As a result, the driver can feel confident and safe on the road no matter what time of day it is.

Plenty of space in the car

Entrepreneurs are well aware of the fact that in vans, the load capacity of the car is extremely important, as well as how the free space has been organized. In the Ford E-Transit car, the free space is really well organized, so that you can pack your cargo with ease. In addition, conveniences such as a stepladder have been used to make packing goods into the car easier.

There are also special mounting brackets available so that you can properly secure the cargo to protect it from tipping over and getting damaged. Such solutions make it a very practical, roomy and functional car.

Economical driving for everyone

When choosing a van, fuel consumption matters. Why is this so important information for entrepreneurs? The lower the fuel consumption of a vehicle, the lower the maintenance costs for a business.

This is why the Ford E-Transit is so popular. It uses a modern two-liter TDCi Ford EcoBlue engine. This makes it possible to drive economically even over long distances.

Ford E-Transit is a modern van that uses innovative and advanced technology. Thanks to this it is a car that meets the expectations of every, even the most demanding entrepreneur.

(photo: Ford press materials)

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