How to take care of trucks?
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How to take care of trucks?

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Trucks, just like passenger cars, need proper care and maintenance. Thanks to this, driving such a vehicle will be comfortable, safe, and the equipment will “live” to a ripe old age.


If there’s one thing that can help you keep your truck the longest, it’s knowing when to put things in the hands of an expert. Most automakers offer specific inspections at dealerships. A multi-point inspection is basically a health check of your truck. Everything from batteries to spark plugs to brake pads is analyzed for problems. Technicians should spot potential problem areas early, taking wear and tear into account, helping to ensure your truck stays safe and running longer.

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This is an easy, but undoubtedly one of the most important things you can do to ensure the longevity of your truck (or any vehicle). Ford, for example, recommends doing this every 7,500 miles (or about 12,000 kilometers) or every six months (whichever comes first) for trucks model year 2008 and newer. For older trucks with higher mileage, always change the oil filter when you change the oil. Of course, choose the best oil without regretting your money. Quality products are sure to give your vehicle a much longer life. There are dozens of oil varieties and a wide range of high mileage options tailored to extend the life of older engines, so be sure to read your owner’s manual to make sure you choose the right viscosity index for your truck. Purchase your oils at Errecom.

Tires and their rotation

An oil change is a good time to look at other types of routine maintenance as well. Rotating your tires, whether they’re construction tires or other tires at each oil change helps ensure even wear, as these wear unevenly depending on the truck’s drivetrain. Although it depends on how the truck is used, the front tires are usually the most worn. Maintaining them will not only extend the life of the tires themselves, but can provide a smoother ride and reduce the stress on the truck’s suspension that can result from unevenly worn tires. If there are any alignment issues, you should be able to spot them during your tire rotation


When rotating your tires, it’s also a good idea to have them balanced. A tire is balanced when its weight is evenly distributed on the axle. With each bump and off-road mission, your tires become more and more out of balance. An unbalanced set can lead to road vibrations and cause increased suspension wear, as well as uneven tire wear. If you need to replace or patch a tire, this is also a good time to get them balanced.

Check your lights

Check that all interior and exterior lights are working properly. A weak light can indicate an electrical problem, while a burned out light can be dangerous and can result in a depleted wallet, or more specifically, a fine. And while you’re at it, make sure your glove box is stocked with spare fuses – few things are as embarrassing as calling roadside assistance when you really just need a fuse replaced.


Next, check the levels of essential fluids. The most important one to check is the engine oil. If it’s dirty or smells like gasoline, it’s time for a change. Next is the engine coolant. Truck engines generate a lot of heat; this is what keeps them from overheating. Check the levels by opening the cap (you can usually tell by the warning and matching illustration indicating that you should never open it when the engine is hot). If necessary, top up the coolant specified in your owner’s manual. Finally, check the windshield washer fluid. It’s a good idea to keep an extra container of the blue stuff somewhere on board, especially in winter when there’s salt and sand on the road.


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