Ford Transit Custom – what is worth knowing about this car?

Ford Transit Custom – what is worth knowing about this car?

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Ford Transit Custom is a very versatile mid-range delivery van. However, what is it that convinces so many customers?

Ford Transit Custom – a brief history

The Ford Transit has a truly gigantic history, and it is considered by many to be the first modern delivery van in automotive history. It was fully aimed at the European market, which definitely influenced the popularity of this vehicle in the 1950s and 1960s. In the decades that followed, the original popularity definitely did its part, thanks to which, to this day, the Transit in its latest incarnations continues to be among the most popular delivery vehicles in our part of the world.

The desire to expand the model range of delivery vans led Ford to split the vehicle into many different subtypes for the fifth generation Transit. One of these was the Ford Transit Custom, unveiled in 2012. But what was the car adapted for? Available in van, van and pick-up variants, it focused on all activities, both delivery and passenger. However, it was characterized by a smaller capacity compared to the classic Transit, so it was a more favorable option for people who did not necessarily need such a huge car.

Characteristics of the latest generation of the Ford Transit Custom

This year the second generation of the Ford Transit Custom was unveiled. Of course, we are able to see a lot of stylistic changes – not only because of the development of the design of Ford itself, but because of the close cooperation with Volkswagen. After all, their Transporter is, relative to the Transit Custom, a twin model.What strikes the eye is certainly the new grill, as well as the visually improved LED headlights.

The Transit Custom is still available as a van, van, and pick-up, although we can also purchase it in a version with a built-in chassis. Currently, the car is mainly adapted for material transport operations, although it can be equipped with up to 12 seats. For passenger transport, however, the Ford Tourneo Custom is more suitable. We do not yet know the full technical characteristics, but we already know for sure that the Transit Custom will grace us with both an internal combustion and an electric variant. 

Ford Transit Custom – available variants and price list

At the moment, we do not yet know the price list for the latest Ford Transit Custom, as it will only go into production next year. However, while we can purchase the showroom edition of the first incarnation of this car from the 2022 model year, let’s lean into it. The cheapest Transit Custom in the Trend variety will cost us a minimum of $ 25,000. If, on the other hand, we opt for the Limited variant with a plug-in hybrid unit, we will have to shell out at least $ 50,000. However, we will easily be able to find cheaper copies, which will perform in all applications straightforwardly perfectly.

main photo:: Ford press materials

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