Traveling in hot weather – how to set the air conditioner?
Before the travel

Traveling in hot weather – how to set the air conditioner?

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Air conditioning is an extremely practical piece of car equipment that greatly improves driving comfort on hot days. This easy-to-use device can work more efficiently if you learn to use it properly.

Driving a car in hot weather can be very tiring. With help in cooling the interior of the cabin comes air conditioning, which in new cars is actually a standard. It is worth knowing how to properly operate it, to cool was efficient, and at the same time safe for our health. This applies to both manual and automatic air conditioning systems.

Before we go on the road

The glazed cabin of a car heats up a lot during hot weather. If the car is parked in the sun, the temperature inside can exceed 40 or even 50 degrees Celsius. Before starting the air conditioning and moving off, it is therefore worth cooling the cab, which will improve comfort in the first minutes of driving and make it easier for the air conditioning to work. To do this, just briefly open the doors or lower the windows to let fresh air in. A short, slow drive with the windows open will also help cool the car. When the temperature inside the cabin drops to an acceptable level, close the windows and turn on the air conditioning

Climate control

Several knobs and buttons are used to operate the air conditioning system. On their correct setting depends on the effectiveness of the entire system. In the case of manual air conditioning, we have a knob to set the level of cooling (the temperature of the air coming out of the vents depends on its setting), knob to adjust the strength of the airflow, as well as a panel for selecting the direction of dispersion of air (eg, to the windows or legs). A similar set of knobs and buttons can be found in cars with automatic air conditioning system, although here we can also set its operation to a specific temperature. In the operation of air conditioning will also be useful button switching on the closed circuit of air in the car, which significantly increases cooling efficiency.

Cooling of the cabin

If you want to cool the interior of the car in the first minutes of driving, let’s set the closed circuit and air temperature to a minimum lower than the one outside. This will allow the air conditioning to work efficiently without straining the compressor. The difference should not be greater than 5-7 degrees Celsius. For cars with manual air conditioning, in which we do not have a temperature gauge, let’s set the dial so that cool, but not very cold air is flowing from the vents. Now let’s turn on the high speed of the blower (in automatic air conditioning system will decide on the level of setting). Try not to direct the stream of cool air directly at the driver and passengers, because it may cause a cold – it is best to set the blower on the window or legs.

While driving

After a few minutes of driving the temperature inside the car will drop significantly. This is the time to turn off the closed-circuit air system. Now we can also gradually reduce the temperature in the cabin, so that it finally reaches a level of 22-24 degrees Celsius. This is the most comfortable temperature for driving, and in addition is safe for the body, because it does not threaten with cooling or thermal shock after leaving the vehicle. In the case of very hot weather, it is worth setting the temperature slightly higher – generally the difference between the temperature inside the car and that outside should not be more than 6-8 degrees. Remember to avoid directing a stream of cool air onto your face and chest at all times while driving. If your journey is long, you can prepare yourself to end it properly, so that when you get out of the car you do not feel a big difference in temperature. For this purpose, a few minutes before the end of the drive gradually increase the temperature in the cabin to about 25 degrees Celsius.

Not only during hot weather

It is worth remembering that air conditioning in the car is useful not only on the warmest days. Let’s use it also in winter and autumn, to quickly remove the problem of foggy windshields inside the car. The cooling system should be started regularly also because it helps to properly conserve the whole system. Let’s also remember about annual inspection and de-fumigation of air conditioning, which will make the system work efficiently and safely throughout the year.


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