How to effectively clean car upholstery?
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How to effectively clean car upholstery?

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For most of us, the car is a daily means of transportation. As such, it wears out, but also gets dirty. So it is worth to clean it from time to time. Not only on the outside but also on the inside. How to do it effectively?

Upholstery in the car may be fabric, suede or leather. Different types differ in appearance, price, but also in practical qualities. It is not possible to say that one is absolutely better than the other – it is largely an individual issue. Leather upholstery is easier to take care of. On the other hand it heats up much more than the one made of ordinary fabric – which in case of a car parked for several hours in full sun takes on considerable importance. Instead of discussing the advantages of different types, let’s focus on what they all have in common. That is the way of cleaning them.

Professional car upholstery washing

The simplest solution – at least from the point of view of a user – is to use services of a professional company, which will wash, dry and preserve the upholstery, using specialised agents and devices. It is worth remembering, however, that this was a really professional company, preferably dealing only (or mainly) with cars, and not a random person with a washing machine. Why is this so important?

Because modern cars – even the simplest in design – rely heavily on electronics. Cars are filled with systems responsible for the safety of traveling, but also for such things as proper operation of the engine. Dampness of sensors, connections or wires can lead to immobilization of the car (and in many cases it is not enough just to wait until the electronics dry). Contrary to what you might expect, electrical and electronic components can be found in the least expected places – for example, under the driver’s and passenger’s seats very often located connections responsible for the efficiency of the airbags. And this place is very vulnerable to flooding during incompetent upholstery washing.

Upholstery cleaning on your own

You can also take care of the upholstery in your car yourself and obtain satisfactory results – especially when it comes to standard cleaning and refreshing of the material and not removing serious stains where you probably cannot do without specialist help. There are many preparations available on the market – at prices ranging from a dozen to several dozen or even several hundred zlotys, depending on the segment – which will facilitate independent work. What to remember?

  • Car upholstery is not only the front seats and the sofa at the back. It is also the fabric sides of the doors, headliner, carpet under the so-called gutters and upholstery of the trunk – each of these elements should be at least vacuumed.
  • Following the instructions on the packaging of the agent does not guarantee that the dirt will be removed, but it significantly reduces the risk of additional damage to the upholstery. That is why, it is always(!) worth testing the chosen product in an invisible place first.
  • Even though stains are removed locally, the whole element usually needs to be washed. The point is to avoid ugly, clearly visible stains, which often turn out to be more annoying than the original stain.

Is it complicated to clean upholstery in a car on your own? No. It is enough to use well-chosen agents and to be cautious. Is it effective? This can vary. We can certainly take care of the upholstery ourselves. It is worth vacuuming the inside of a car regularly. It will contribute not only to its aesthetics, but also to driving comfort and health of passengers. It is also a good habit to regularly ventilate the vehicle to avoid dampness and mould developing as a consequence. Periodic replacement of cabin filters does not even have to be mentioned.

When it comes to cleaning the upholstery itself, do not be afraid to use the help of specialists. Professional services are not expensive at all, and their effectiveness is much greater than in the case of independent, amateur treatments.

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