How do you wash insects off your car?
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How do you wash insects off your car?

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With spring has come the season for insects, which make life much more difficult for any driver, leaving marks that are difficult to remove. There are several ways to deal with this problem. Which of them work best?

Why should you take care of a clean car?

Insects on the car window or its body not only look unsightly and make the car look neglected, but can also have other undesirable effects. It is often enough to drive just a few kilometers to see the first traces of insects on our car. If they are on the windshield, they can significantly reduce our visibility, which in turn can lead to a dangerous situation on the road. Insects on the body of our vehicle can also cause a lot of damage, primarily damage to the outer layer of paint.

When is the best time to react?

In case of insects on our car, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. Leaving them for a longer period of time can lead to damage to the outer layer of paint. Moreover, if we do not remove them quickly enough, it will become increasingly difficult to do so over time. Timely action is important, but it is also important to use the right products to clean the surface so that you do not accidentally cause even more damage. Both the preparations and the cleaning equipment we want to use should be chosen depending on whether we are cleaning the glass or the car body.

Special preparations or home methods?

Currently, there are many preparations on the market adapted for washing cars, but it is also worth using home methods, which are not inferior to cosmetics intended for car washing in terms of efficiency. Ready-made preparations can be found, among others, at gas stations, larger markets and special stores which sell various accessories for cars. The cheapest chemicals can be purchased for as little as a few zlotys, and they are usually liquids for cleaning car surfaces. In stores, we can also find foams designed for the same purpose. Their price may be higher, but remember that sometimes it is worth spending more to enjoy a better result. There are also several home remedies that are appreciated by many drivers. This includes the agent, which can be prepared from warm water, dishwashing liquid and vinegar. Glass cleaner itself can also work – it all depends on what condition the car is in.

How to remove insects from car windows and headlights?

If we want to get rid of insects from windscreen or headlights, we must remember that they may be damaged during cleaning, therefore, we should choose soft sponges or microfibre cloths for this purpose. They have a delicate structure which should not cause any damage even if you press hard. To wash windshields we can use the recommended home method, i.e. ordinary liquid designed for washing windshields or a specialized agent. Chemical sprays are most often recommended for washing windshields and headlights.

How to get rid of insects from the car body?

Similarly to window and headlight cleaning, it is worth investing in a soft sponge or microfibre cloth. It is not worth reaching for typical washing sponges as their rough surface may damage the car paintwork. It is best to use a specialist insect remover or one of the household methods listed above to wash the car body. Remember that the chemical agent for insects is caustic, so it cannot remain on the surface of the car for a long time. It is best to rinse it off with water under medium pressure on a regular basis.

What else is worth remembering?

When washing insects from the car, remember not to do it when the car surface is heated. At such time it is more exposed to damage. You should not wash the car in the sun, because then it is easier to form streaks on the windows, which later greatly reduce visibility and may lead to dangerous situations. It is also worth thinking about protecting your car against insects in the future. In this case, waxing the car is a worthwhile method. It will not give a hundred percent protection, but will significantly reduce our problem.

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