What to look for when buying tires for your car?
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What to look for when buying tires for your car?

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Buying new tires for your car can be a huge challenge for some. There are many elements to look at when choosing. What should you look for?

Summer and winter tires

The main thing to consider before buying is the choice of summer or winter tires. The tires should be adapted to the season in which they are used, so that they are able to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. Summer tires and winter tires are very different from each other. Summer tires are not suitable for driving on snow, and winter tires are not suitable for driving on dry roads. You can also choose to buy all-season tires, which are adapted to all seasons. However, remember that all-season tires will be a good solution primarily for people who drive a car mainly in the city. However, for those whose route usually includes more severe conditions, all-season tires may prove to be insufficient.

What are the EU tyre labels?

When buying tires for your vehicle, it is important to pay attention to the EU labels. These are special labels that provide information on several important parameters that are worth looking at before buying new tires. From these labels we learn about the basic characteristics of the tires. One of them is the influence of the tires on fuel consumption. This is shown on a scale from A to G, with A being the best fuel class. Then there is the noise level of the tire and its braking distance on wet surfaces. The noise level is shown in decibels (dB) and the braking distance is again shown on a scale of A-G, with A being the shortest. Knowing the markings can be useful when comparing different products. When making a purchase, it’s worth noting the above parameters, to help you choose between the many types of tire.

What will happen to the tire label from 2021 onwards?

The European Union has recently decided to make some important changes concerning the tire label. The new versions will contain more information about the characteristics of the tire, in order to make the choice easier for each driver and therefore safer on the roads. At present, the EU tyre labels indicate three parameters, as already mentioned above. The new labels will include features such as the adaptation of the tire to an icy surface, to a road covered with snow, or to a muddy road. This will be useful information for drivers who make longer journeys, often in undeveloped areas, where conditions can be more demanding.

What else should I look for?

When buying tires for your car, you should pay attention to the speed and load indices. What do they tell us? The speed rating of a tire indicates the maximum speed at which the tire can be used. The load index indicates the maximum load a tyre can carry. This information can be found on the sidewall of the tire in question. The proper adjustment of these parameters will increase safety on the road and the comfort of driving.

Which tires to choose – new or used?

In general, the newer the tires, the better their condition. However, many motorists decide to purchase used tires, and the motivating factor for this choice is primarily the price. If we want to buy used tires, we must pay particular attention to the condition of the tires and the source from which we want to acquire them. This is a very important issue, which will help us to increase the level of safety on the road while driving. When buying new tires, we usually have to spend more money. However, choosing new, previously unused tyres is a guarantee of comfort and safety. When deciding on the purchase of tires, it is also worth paying attention to their age. The older the tires, the less time we will be able to use them.

What should be kept in mind when buying tires?

First of all, remember that the proper selection of tires is essential for safe driving on the road. When buying tires, choose the right tire size to avoid unwanted situations on the road. When buying, a lot depends on the amount of money you are able to spend on tires. They are divided into three basic classes: premium, medium and budget. The most expensive will be the premium tires, but they are the most precisely made tires, using the best materials, which translates into a much greater comfort of driving.

While enjoying the benefit and choice be careful that your newly purchased tire doesn’t end up… like this:

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