What to check when a car alarm is not working?

What to check when a car alarm is not working?

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A malfunctioning car alarm is a serious problem, as it provides a potential facilitation for burglars. How do you check if the equipment works in your vehicle? We suggest

Start with a simple inspection

A fairly easy way that will make you know if indeed the alarm does not work. First, lock your car with the remote (the turn signals will come on, and then pull the door handle. If everything with the car alarm is fine, then a siren should sound at this point. However, you may notice a malfunction when only the parking lights and turn signals are flashing. It is also worth checking whether the control LED on the dashboard lights up – its absence indicates a failure.

Check the sensors

The simplest alarms are powered by car battery. More expensive have a separate power supply from a nickel-cadmium battery, which works even in the absence of power. So if you open the hood of the vehicle, the sensors automatically detect the danger and activate the alarm. It is important that the buzzer is not mounted in areas prone to getting wet, because the equipment can be damaged and the protection will be activated even with the slightest movement. In other situations, when a thief wants to get into the vehicle, the signal may not even activate

Be sure to have a loud alarm siren because you will be able to react when something happens and so you can make a quick decision (such as notifying the police). A voltage drop sensor is also a key component – it detects a drop of current in the alarm system by, for example, turning on the cabin lights or moving the central locking cylinders.

Pay attention to the remote control

A malfunction can be caused by a dead battery in the electronics, but it can also have other causes. A faulty remote control can become unprogrammed through poor power supply or simply malfunction due to flooding of the comfort module. If the problem occurs periodically, even with a battery change, then you should consult a mechanic about the problem


An electronic anti-theft device that prevents the engine from starting. To check the active gadget is to insert other keys (for example, from another car) into the ignition. If the engine controller recognizes it and the codes match, it will be possible to start the vehicle. Otherwise, it results in the drive shutting down immediately or after a short while.

Active anti-theft system

The car alarm may also not work if the anti-shock function is inactive. In this case, check that if you leave the car to open the exit gate and re-enter the vehicle – without using a code or button – you will be able to continue driving the car. If the alarm is working, the engine should shut off after about thirty seconds and the vehicle will be immobilized.

Additional security features

Some cars have additional security features that make it harder for a burglar to break in. To do this, make sure you have a steering wheel lock, transmission lock, and clutch lock. If you can easily move this equipment, then your alarm is not working

Additionally, check the ignition or power switch lock. The button should be located in an inaccessible and invisible place for a thief. Failure of the alarm to respond when you start the engine before pressing the button indicates a malfunction.

A working signal guarantees the function of closing windows and doors. When it is activated, it automatically closes the vehicle. The moment you don’t notice this, then know that you have a faulty car security

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