Changing tires – why shouldn’t you drive on winter tires?

Changing tires – why shouldn’t you drive on winter tires?

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Until a few weeks ago, many people were driving on winter tires. This is normal, because the daily temperature was much lower than 7 degrees Celsius. Now the weather conditions have changed dramatically and we should change to summer tires. Why is it important to change tires during this period as well?

We probably don’t need to say that changing your tires for the winter is a must. It improves the quality of driving, protects against precipitation and low temperatures. But many drivers think that winter tires are just as good as summer tires. This is a mistake!

Summer tires mean safer driving!

Winter and summer tires are made of completely different compounds. Winter tyres are harder and more resistant to frost. However, they have a hard time withstanding high temperatures. They begin to fray, crack and do not adhere so well to the asphalt. Summer tires, on the other hand, don’t provide grip on a chilled road surface, but they can withstand very high temperatures and stick perfectly to the road on warmer days.

As you can see, safety is key here. The braking distance on summer tires is much shorter than on winter tires during the same period. In addition, there is the question of durability (summer tires last longer in the summer, and winter tires damage them terribly) and… savings! Tires designed for warm seasons allow you to save up to several percent of fuel per tank!

Changing your tires – the price is not great!

It is not worth delaying with the change of tires for summer, because it is an inexpensive operation. For changing large, 18-inch tires on aluminum rims with pressure sensors, we will pay about 100-150 PLN. The smaller and less complicated rims, the cheaper the service. Remember to mention that the service should be done with balancing and checking the condition of the tires!


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