New Highlander – a passenger car with a huge cabin

New Highlander – a passenger car with a huge cabin

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The new Toyota Highlander is a huge car that is extremely spacious inside. It combines a comfortable SUV with a thoroughbred off-roader. Interestingly, as in almost all models of the brand, here too we can find a hybrid drive. How does this affect the performance and driving experience?

Dimensions of the new Toyota Highlander

The latest iteration of the Toyota Highlander is exactly 1930 millimeters wide. Nearly two meters is impressive, but still drivers don’t have to worry about problems when parking. The wheelbase on this model is 2850 millimeters, and the overall length is 4966 millimeters. Here, too, it is worth noting that the nearly 5 meters length should not be a handicap for those who have already driven station wagons or sedans. Height, however, is noteworthy, as the model is 1755 millimeters, and the loading edge is placed at 770 millimeters.

However, when it comes to dimensions, the most happening is inside, all due to the fact that the cabin is extremely spacious and, according to many, for a driver with four passengers on board, remarkably comfortable. Does this mean that this family SUV with a claw for off-road driving can be successfully driven on vacation? Without a doubt, especially since with the third row of seats folded down, the trunk is massive!

A spacious SUV for the whole family – Toyota Highlander

Why is there so much talk about the Toyota Highlander? Unlike other SUVs on the market, this one isn’t big just from the outside. On the inside, a spacious interior awaits you and your whole family, which will make every trip extremely comfortable. 

The trunk of this model has a capacity of 270 liters, of course this is still not impressive. However, with the third row of seats folded down, the capacity increases – it is exactly 658 liters! You can safely travel with three children to Croatia, especially since there is nothing to prevent you from using the roof rails and installing a luggage box. It is also worth mentioning that the floor is flat when the seats are folded down. This will allow you to transport long items as large as 180 centimeters. The volume of the trunk in this setting is exactly 1909 liters. Slightly worse is the cargo capacity, as it is only 592 kilograms.

Highlander’s performance – what is noteworthy?

A nearly five-meter-long SUV that weighs 2.1 tons can’t have cool performance? Well, it can, if there are close to 250 horsepower on board, as in the new Highlander, which accelerates to 100 in 8.4 seconds. It’s worth mentioning that there’s four-wheel drive, which adds to the launch dynamics.

This model uses electric drive, because, as we wrote, it is a hybrid. On the electric you can go up to a speed of 125 kilometers per hour. As a result, you will move silently on practically any road, which increases the comfort of the ride. Combustion of this colossus is about 6.6 liters, and in the city, thanks to the electric motor, it can drop to 6 liters per 100 kilometers. Such a result may slightly shock, but also positively surprise. After all, there are few seven-seat SUVs that burn as much as new C-segment cars. Let us know what you think of the new Highlander!

main photo: Tovar

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