How to organize a car fan rally? See it step by step

How to organize a car fan rally? See it step by step

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Are you an avid four-wheel enthusiast and want to go one step further? Automotive rally is a perfect opportunity to meet equally crazy fanatics and spend a nice time discussing cars and eating great food. We will show you how to organize a car rally!

All kinds of rallies are growing in popularity, which is why there are more and more events centered around cars and motorcycles. In addition, many cities hold rallies dedicated to tuning or vehicle mechanics. If you also dream of organizing such a rally, be sure to check out what to do to attract crowds of fanatics of four wheels!


The fundamental thing, which you even have to consider at the very beginning, is the place of the meeting. Everything depends on the people you want to invite. Stands and playing equipment need access to electricity and water, so it’s worth choosing a venue where basic utilities are available.

Next, think about the space you will need to make your rally comfortable and enjoyable. In addition to space for the cars of rally participants it is worth thinking about a place where there will be all sorts of gastro facilities, without which no rally can take place. Where is the best place to look? The best shot will be the city center – it can be a town square, park or city parking lot. Why exactly there? Because it provides the largest audience, which will be completed by random passers-by, who have no idea about the event taking place. Of course, only if it is something you particularly care about. Compact and intimate rallies are also a great opportunity to meet similar car enthusiasts.

Rally date

It’s time to play weather girl! In addition to a suitable place, you need to set the date of the event – first of all, it should be a day off work or a whole weekend. However, the matter is not as simple as it might seem. Most rallies are organized outdoors, so it will be very important to have the ability to predict the future, and certainly the weather.

Depending on how you see it, a rally can last a day, a weekend, or a few hours. Keep in mind that the longer your event lasts, the greater the opportunity for more people to come!

Sample ideas for a rally

In addition to the location, date, and duration, it’s a good idea to think about a theme for your rally. If you already have ideas in your head, you certainly don’t need further guidance, but it doesn’t hurt to get our opinion – maybe it will give birth to the next event in your region!

Rally for automotive history enthusiasts

There isn’t a car fan who doesn’t have a thing for iconic vintage cars that fire the imagination of old and young alike. From an early age, we are surrounded by American culture, which in its history has produced many interesting machines that still enjoy legendary status today. There is just one small problem; to organize an antique rally, you need … antiques! In fact, very few of us in the country have suitable examples that would be suitable for display. Who knows – maybe you will manage to collect enough!

Rally of Japanese cars

In comparison with the previous one, this idea has a greater chance of success and success of your event. Poles are known for their devotion to Japanese cars. The fact that today’s generation of drivers grew up on movies featuring modified Hondas, Toyotas and Mitsubishi makes it easier. Above all, the Fast and Furious series should “turn on the light.”  Moreover, unlike antiques, Japanese machines are most simply cheaper.


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