Clutch repair step by step – what is worth knowing about it?

Clutch repair step by step – what is worth knowing about it?

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Is replacing the clutch really such a difficult job to have it done by a specialist at a garage? Or can you do it yourself?

The first things to do when replacing the clutch yourself

It seems that the replacement of the clutch disc and pressure plate are among those activities that are best left to specialists. However, you can easily do this repair yourself. The only thing to do is to follow certain rules and, above all, to prepare properly for this.

At the beginning it is worth getting a jack. It is rather one of those elements of equipment, which in his car has every driver. However, the best solution will be a special lift or a special ramp, which you can enter and carry out the repair

The first steps in repairing the clutch

At first, the gearbox should be removed. The next step should be to find the pressure plate, which is usually bolted to the flywheel. By looking at where the transmission was, you can see the clutch arm and bearing. On different car models, there may also be, for example, release bearings with a built-in hydraulic clutch actuator in this location. When it comes to really old car models, it can also be a hydraulic clutch with an external auxiliary cylinder, but on most models, all you need to do is replace the release bearing and check the clutch linkage.

Clutch replacement – the most frequently failing components

The main cause of problems is usually the clutch disc, which hides behind the pressure plate. This group also includes the clutch pilot bearing, as well as the bushing. These are what the transmission input shaft is usually seated on. In case you see that these components are heavily worn, it may not necessarily mean problems with the clutch, but with the gearbox, for example.

Clutch replacement – next steps

The next step is to loosen the flywheel bolts. After removing this component, check for any cracks. Then check again all the elements responsible for the proper operation of the clutch – pressure plates, clutches, as well as the clutch pilot and ejector bearing.

Is it worth deciding to replace the clutch in the car on my own?

Replacing the clutch in the car is certainly not an activity that can be approached immediately without proper preparation. It is worth reading about it on internet forums, where do-it-yourselfers exchange their experiences – perhaps you will find someone who just happens to be in your area and could help you. If you decide to replace the clutch yourself, it is important to remember to buy all the necessary parts, both to replace the faulty parts and to carry out the replacement

When you still have the ability or you just know that DIY is not your forte, then it is worth checking on the search engine where the nearest workshop is located, where professionals can replace the clutch in a professional manner at a reasonable price, and you will avoid complications, for example, resulting from improperly performed repair

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