Electric windows in modern cars – the most interesting features

Electric windows in modern cars – the most interesting features

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Modern technology allows the development and automation of almost all parts of the car

This is the reason why modern cars are increasingly appearing on the market, which impress not only with an interesting design and large engine capacity, but also with amenities that make driving more pleasant.

A lot of novelties have been introduced in the mechanism of electric windows. It is worth knowing that they are distinguished by various features that affect the comfort and safety while driving.

Windows with antenna in modern cars

It is worth knowing that more and more cars are equipped with an integrated antenna, thanks to which it is possible to receive a signal from the radio or navigation without any interference. Antenna in cars is usually placed on the rear window, because it should be as far as possible from the engine, which could introduce interference in its work.

Antennas in modern cars are located inside the windshield. They are usually printed on the inside – this technique is used in tempered glass windows. With laminated glass, the antenna circuits are printed between layers of film. This feature makes it possible to listen to the radio in the car or use navigation anywhere.

Heated windshields

Until recently, window heating was only for the rear window. Now, however, not only this window is heated, but also the front and side windows. An additional convenience is that in many modern cars it is possible to turn on the heating of the mirrors. This convenience makes it very quick to get rid of frost in winter

It is also a great way to get rid of steam on the windows. This not only makes it easier to prepare your car for driving, but what’s more it allows you to stay safe on the road in almost any weather conditions.

Tinted windshields

Today, modern cars use electrochromic window technology. Until recently, it was used only on sunroofs, but now more and more brands decide to use it on side and rear windows

It is a technology that makes it possible to change the degree of darkening of the windows smoothly and without any problems. This is to improve the light control system and the temperature that is inside the car.

This feature of electric windows in modern cars has a great impact on the comfort of car users. It is also a way to maintain privacy. After all, there are times when we do not want other drivers to have a glimpse of the interior of our car.

Windows that do not require windscreen wipers

Driving in the rain is not a pleasant, safe or comfortable experience. In heavy rainfall, it is not always possible to turn on the windshield wiper at the right speed. In addition, the devices are not always able to accurately collect water from the windshield, so visibility is reduced

It is worth knowing that in modern cars on the windshield is placed on the moisture sensor, which independently decides when the wipers should work and what should be the pace. In addition, it is possible to cover the windshield with a hydrophobic coating, so that the raindrops will run off the windshield on their own. This is a convenience, thanks to which the visibility of the road in the rain is improved.

Acoustic glazing in modern cars

Modern technology allows the use of laminated glass for cars. A three-layer sound-absorbing film can be used in their construction. Thanks to this, the panes dampen sounds, silence the noise, and moreover, neutralize vibrations. This takes care of the comfort of the driver and passengers.

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