The most common reasons for a car’s power loss

The most common reasons for a car’s power loss

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The car seems to have weakened? This doesn’t happen for no reason. We explain what is likely to have happened and how to deal with it.

Can you catch engine trouble early?

Are you trying to overtake and your car won’t come together? Suddenly begins to lack of power, the vehicle “whooshes”, and from the exhaust pipe comes smoke with an unpleasant color? You can be sure it’s the engine. Next stop is the garage – unfortunately it is already too late for prevention. You may be lucky and only the sensor is broken, unfortunately it could also be the turbine. In the latter case you will have to pay a considerable amount of money

However, there are situations when the engine loses its power gradually, even over several weeks or months. If you drive infrequently and do not pay attention to the work of the power unit, the fault will be difficult to catch earlier. Fouling of the flow meter or lambda probe with oil mud or carbon deposits, wear and tear of injectors, rings and pistons – these are the reasons that affect the gradual reduction of power

However, there are components in the car which suddenly go out of order after a period of underperformance. This is the case with the lambda probe – it gradually reduces the power of the engine, to simply stop it in one moment. How to prevent faults or catch them a little earlier? Remember about engine oil – add it when it is too little and make sure to change it regularly. In addition, listen to the engine while driving and report any concerns to your mechanic during routine service.

LPG system and poor quality fuel

These are two more factors that gradually destroy the power unit. Autogas adversely affects the operation of the engine, as the power of the drive unit decreases by up to a dozen or so horsepower. Decreases are the greater, the more neglected and disregulated the gas system is. Older versions use gas injection in the vapor phase – this is the main cause of engine problems. In the newest generations the LPG system uses gas injection in the liquid phase – in this case this problem does not occur. Unfortunately the purchase of the latest solutions is also associated with a much higher expense.

Poor quality fuel is a frequent cause of engine problems. Saving a few or several groszy per liter can result in an expense of thousands of zlotys, when the engine fails. Fuel from an unclear source affects the drop in power – it will be greater when the drive unit is already a bit worn out. You are then destroying the engine itself and its key components. Importantly, this problem affects both gasoline and diesel units.

Reasons for loss of power in the car

  • failure of the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR),
  • clogged catalytic converter,
  • problems with particulate filter (diesel engines, recently also petrol engines),
  • wear of sensors, pistons, heads and rings,
  • malfunction of the ignition system (gasoline engines),
  • intercooler failure,
  • injector malfunction,
  • timing belt skipping even one tooth,
  • problems with control electronics.

How to check engine power?

If you think that something is wrong – the engine works worse, unevenly or the car in your opinion has lost power, go check it! Just go to the dynamometer. Of course, this solution will work when you only guess that there is a problem with the engine. When something is obviously wrong, there is no point in going there. Measurement on the dynamometer will either confirm your doubts or dispel them, so you can be sure. When the problem actually occurs, go to a mechanic, preferably a proven one. Computer diagnostics will pinpoint the location of the fault in 9/10 of cases.

Above all, take care of your engine. Avoid aggressive driving, frequently check the engine oil level and change it after a year or 15,000 km. In this way you can avoid many problems with the drive unit. Of course, many faults do not depend on you, having a car, especially a bit older, you must be prepared for such eventualities.


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