How do I prepare my motorcycle for the season?
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How do I prepare my motorcycle for the season?

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Winter is coming to an end and motorcycle season is fast approaching. Motorcyclists are just waiting for the positive temperatures to start riding and going crazy on their beloved motorcycles. However, for the sake of the motorcycle and your safety, it is important to take care of a few technical issues before you go for the first ride of the season.How to prepare your motorcycle for the season?

Charging the battery after winter

If you removed the battery from your motorcycle for the off-season, that’s great. Charge it up, put it back in and start conquering roads and highways. If you’ve charged your battery regularly over the winter, it shouldn’t give you any unpleasant surprises and discharge when you reinstall it. However, if the battery remained mounted in the motorcycle for the winter – it is worth to unscrew it and connect at home to the charger. This will avoid stress and disappointment when it turns out that it is too weak to start the engine and start riding

Checking the oil level and changing the oil if necessary

Before your first ride, check the oil level. Of course, if the motorcycle hasn’t been used over the winter it’s unlikely that the oil level will change, but if you haven’t checked it before you put the motorcycle away for the winter, you could be in for a nasty surprise on your first ride. Checking the oil level regularly is generally a good habit that you should develop in order to look after the welfare of your two wheels. You should check your oil not only before your first ride of the season, but in fact every time you go on the road. Changing the oil is also a good way to start the season, if you haven’t changed the oil in your motorcycle in a while, spring is the perfect time to do it.

Checking and caring for your brake discs

The key to your safety while riding your motorcycle is flawlessly functioning brakes. Brake discs are made of metal, so they are unfortunately sometimes susceptible to corrosion. If your motorcycle has overwintered in an uninsulated and damp garage, the brake discs have probably been covered with rust. Many motorcyclists believe that the first few brakes will remove the rust film and there is nothing to worry about. Indeed, this does happen, but rusty brakes are not as efficient and effective. We all know that on the road, especially at high speeds, fractions of seconds count when braking. It is better not to take risks and before the first ride inspect and clean the brake discs from dust and rust with a cleaner.

Checking the condition of the tires, pumping them up and replacing them

After the winter it is necessary to remember to inflate the tires. The tires on our motorcycle may have lost pressure during the winter growing season, especially if they were not inflated during the winter months. Visit your motorcycle with a compressor in the spring and see if you are sure your tire pressure is correct. If not, inflate your wheels, you can even do this with a regular bike pump, or take a ride to the nearest gas station where there is sure to be a tire inflation station. Proper tire pressure is essential to vehicle control and road safety. If you notice that your tires are already bald, have some damage or something is stuck in the rubber, don’t hesitate and replace them right away, for example with supermoto tires. The good external condition of your tires is also crucial for your safety and comfort while riding.

The start of the motorcycle season brings butterflies to the stomach of many a fast wheel rider. However, instead of getting carried away by the excitement, it is worth taking your safety and the good technical condition of your vehicle as a priority. This is not only the key to a comfortable ride, but also to keep your motorcycle intact for as long as possible. Don’t wait, get your motorcycle ready for the season and ride to conquer the roads as soon as it smells like spring!


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