Equipment for the workshop

Equipment for the workshop

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Are you planning to open your workshop, but you do not know what equipment you will need? In this article you will learn what to choose and what to pay attention to

Side channel blowers

They are used, among other things, for suction or compression of gases. Pay attention to the corresponding impeller in the shape of a disc, which pushes the air. Embedded on the blades, they must be the right size. One of the advantages of this equipment is that it does not require periodic maintenance and technical inspection. If you are looking for suitable blowers, you can find them, among others, at Pay attention to whether the device is single-stage or two-stage. In the second case, the purpose of the blower is based on pumping air, which finally gives the possibility of another rotation. The result of this process is a constant working pressure at the outlet


Their advantage is that they can be mobile. When buying it is worth considering this feature, because it will significantly facilitate the work, allowing you to move with the device around the workshop

What should you be guided by when choosing compressors? First of all:

  • automatic operation through a pressure switch
  • easy accessibility of condensate drain cock
  • quick coupling for easy connection of pneumatic devices
  • pressure reduction for a smooth start-up

A company that has such equipment for workshops is, where you will find a number of inspirations for equipping your workshop. In addition, it is worth getting equipment with at least 2 horsepower. While the total comfort of the equipment is the power of 4 hp and more

Laser thermometer

Non-contact, remote temperature measurement will come in handy when you cannot directly measure the heat of an object because it is moving or small in size

In such a case, this equipment will help you determine the value with accuracy. This gadget is suitable for measuring rims and tires, evaluating the condition of the radiator, testing cooling systems and air conditioning, among others. The easy and simple laser operation makes the use of the device a guarantee of perfectly measured measurements without exposing the vehicle to damage. It is best to purchase a device with high efficiency (about fifteen hours of continuous operation) and high laser precision of up to 0.1 ºC

Air grinder

The equipment will come in handy when, for example, you need to replace the reversing sensors in your car. Remember to have a compressor in your workshop. The combination of these two devices will give the dream effect. It is worth that when buying you should also take care of the right choice of discs. There are two: for cutting and for grinding, so consider which selection will be important and useful for you in the workshop. A pneumatic grinder is definitely a better choice as it works when connected to a compressed air system, thus is less prone to malfunctions and safer than an electric one


An equipment that is versatile and will help you in various situations such as applying heat shrink tubing, removing old paint or for soldering. However, it all depends on the right nozzles to allow your electronics to reach their full potential. A distinction is made between

  • wide-flow – facilitates the removal of old paint,
  • reflector – helps to bend plastic parts,
  • reducing – makes it possible to eliminate solder,
  • slot – enables welding of PVC tarpaulins,
  • welding gun – simplifies welding of plastics,
  • window nozzle – protects glass while stripping paint from window frames.

You don’t have to own every type of nozzle, but it’s a good idea to be equipped with ones that will help you in your daily workshop


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