What film to apply to the car body? We suggest

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What film to apply to the car body? We suggest

Changing the color of a car’s body can be quite annoying and time-consuming. However, the process can be significantly simplified by deciding to lay a film. Which one to choose?

What is the application of the film on the car?

The technique of wrapping a car with a film is regularly gaining popularity, and even in Poland we can find more and more establishments that specialize precisely in providing this service. It is quite simple when compared with painting, and requires much less interference with the car itself, which will be wrapped. 

The process of wrapping a car with a film is one of those that are quite simple. First, the car body is thoroughly cleaned and, most importantly, degreased so that permanent gluing is possible. This is because the film is applied in batches to the car and properly attached to the body. In addition, work is done to remove any air from under the film applied on the car so that very unsightly-looking bubbles do not form. 

Which film to cover the car with?

Of course, of considerable importance is what film we choose to veneer our car. The most common is PPF film, which is great for wrapping cars, because the car after wrapping with it is, among other things, hydrophobic. In addition, it offers really beautiful and vivid colors.

However, you need to remember that there are two types of film for wrapping a car. We are talking about rigid film and cast film. They differ in parameters such as thickness, for example. In the case of cast film it is exactly 0.04 millimeter. A car with its help is wrapped with heat so that the film in a certain way “spilled”. Among its disadvantages, however, is that the price is really high. However, this is just one of the disadvantages, while the advantages of car films are much more, and they ensure that we will not worry about the paint coating.

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