Is it necessary to change the oil in modern automatic transmissions?

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Is it necessary to change the oil in modern automatic transmissions?

The latest transmissions available on the market are very convenient solutions. But what about their maintenance, such as oil changes? Is it necessary?

Care of automatic transmissions – is it complicated?

Modern cars have a lot of really interesting technical solutions, which make the use of the car much more pleasant than it was even decades ago. The care of these cars is simpler, as more systems operate maintenance-free or can be brought to perfect condition during routine service. 

Let’s focus today on an issue such as automatic transmissions. In the decades of development of automotive technology, automatics have come a truly gigantic way. They have become much more complicated designs, but on the other hand they operate more smoothly. 

Of course, many people are aware that despite the considerable convenience of automatic transmissions, they nevertheless need proper treatment. One must mention, for example, the oil that is in the gearbox and allows it to function properly. However, one key question is worth asking at this point – is it even necessary to change the oil in these state-of-the-art systems?

Oil changes in the latest automatics – is it necessary to perform such an action?

The answer to the above question, unfortunately, is not so clear-cut. After all, manufacturers and automotive experts speak with a kind of bipartisan voice. Brands admit that the oils added to modern transmissions should, without much difficulty, last for continuous use without any difficulties up to 200 thousand kilometers. However, it turns out that specialists have a different opinion. According to them, we should change the oil in the gearbox no matter how modern the system we are dealing with. Unfortunately, another question arises here – if we have already determined that sooner or later it will be necessary to change the oil, how often should it actually be done?

Every how often should we change the oil in gearboxes?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a consistent answer to the question of how often you should change the oil in an automatic transmission. However, let’s focus on the situation in which the manufacturer does not recommend performing this process as something mandatory. The cut-off point here, according to experts, is 200,000 kilometers, with one but worth mentioning – at this mileage our gearbox may already be in really poor condition. That’s why, before we want to get down to changing the oil in the transmission, we should first make sure of its overall condition and carry out a thorough inspection. This will help us find out whether an oil change will actually make sense.

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