How do I choose winter windshield washer fluid?

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How do I choose winter windshield washer fluid?

Washer fluid during the winter is essential for getting rid of debris. It is worth knowing how to choose it.

Why is winter windshield washer fluid necessary at all?

Frost, road salt and dirt make winter windshield cleaners an indispensable part of your daily vehicle use. How do you choose windshield washer fluid for winter? Before we move on to advice on choosing a specific model of winter windscreen washer fluid, it is worth answering the question – why exactly is it necessary?

Wipers in the car work extremely hard during the winter. They have to cope not only with snow or rain, but also often with substances such as road salt. Keeping your windshield clean in such a situation is extremely important. It will affect better visibility and, consequently, greater safety for all road users. That is why it is worth choosing the right version of winter windshield washer fluid

Failure to replace windshield washer fluid with winter washer fluid can cause danger on the road

To find out why winter windshield washer fluid is so necessary, you can tell what would happen if drivers don’t change it regularly and leave the summer version in the tank: as temperatures drop, the substance could freeze in the tank. This usually damages it and also causes the wiper pump to malfunction. What’s more, the regular variety is capable of freezing even on the windshield – then it obscures the field of vision and thus causes a great danger on the road.

How to choose winter windshield washer fluid?

The key aspect when choosing a windshield washer fluid is to analyze the label of the product. Usually, it is on the label where the manufacturer gives the lowest functioning temperature of the substance. Therefore, it is worth adjusting this parameter in terms of the place where you live on a daily basis – as well as your future trips. A good solution will be to choose a fluid that will have a limit of operation slightly higher than the likely temperature

Another aspect when choosing winter windshield washer fluid is to bet on proven manufacturers. Companies such as K2, Sonax or Motul provide specifications of sufficiently high quality. This is important because winter conditions can be really demanding and you need to have the right car equipment to resist them effectively

What to keep in mind when using winter windscreen washer fluid?

Because winter windshield washer fluid performs very well in sub-zero temperatures, some drivers choose to mix it with the standard variety. Unfortunately, this does not work in such a way that the regular type takes over the values of the substance intended for winter use

If one decides to use such a solution, one should take into account the fact that the windshield washer fluid pump will malfunction, and there may also be residues of the failed mixture on the windshield, which in turn usually effectively impairs visibility. For this reason, it is not advisable to decide to mix two varieties of fluids and should bet on one type in the washer tank. This way, the driver will always be able to drive in safe conditions, clearly seeing the most important events on the road in front of him.

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