Tesla is the king of sales! Such a result they probably did not expect!

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Tesla is the king of sales! Such a result they probably did not expect!

Electric cars are certainly the future of automobiles, so the results of Tesla, among others, are growing every year. The last quarter of 2021 was a record one for the brand

Tesla is known to practically every person who is interested in cars. Electric cars from the manufacturer primarily associated with the eccentric Elon Musk are some of the most groundbreaking electrics, which additionally sell well in their native United States

Now Tesla can trumpet another success. For it has sold as many as 936,000 new cars during 2021, beating out established brands like Lexus and Volvo. As many as 308 thousand came from the last quarter of 2021, and in addition Tesla Model 3 managed to conquer the European sales charts

This achievement is all the more impressive because most experts predicted that Tesla would not manage to beat the number of 300,000 cars sold during this quarter. After looking at the results of the premium segment, it can be concluded that Tesla lost primarily to the German giants, namely Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Such results also brought a huge increase in the manufacturer’s share price.

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